Monday, June 10, 2013

Beasts of Nurgle WIP I | WHFB

Been a long time since I have posted by step a project as I am working on it [I am endeavoring to do better...]. I am working on updating my Nurgle Daemon army to the new army book.  First in the chute are 5 new Beasts of Nurgle, gives me several options on deployment depending point limits, etc. From my test games with them they are a non-brainer IMHO in a Nurgle Daemon army. My friend, Joe Rogers converted some off of the Plague Drone model and did a smashing job on them.  Before [well you'll have to take my word on it] I saw Joe's I had already ordered the bits to do the same. I  am going into this one seeing where the models take me.


Here I have sawed the drone bodies in half and reposed them to add some height, etc. I used plastic tubing to make a couple taller than the others and then GS'd the missing bits up.  I will clean-up gaps. etc. at the end with liquid GS and smoothing.

From the side.  The poster putty is very handy for posing tests, etc.

I went to work on the boring a** task of rolling out tentacles. GS over brass wire = posable and durable tentacles. Two step process, roll out smooth, let set, then score with straight edge. Key is to keep your work surface very wet.  side note: I intend to do the same technique with my Martian Tripods for All Quiet on the Martian Front to add some action to them.

Here are the first 4 tentacles attached to the bodies. I used GS to seat them without glue in the sockets for the Plague Drone wings. I will be able to "pop" them off for painting. I will have to take pictures and keep the appendages seperate so I don't end up with a monkey's paw of parts to reassemble.

From the side.  I used several round objects (Xcto Knive handles, etc.) to give the bends a more natural look.  You can bend the GS for a day or so, then it will start to crack. You could also increase the amount of yellow in the GS mix to give a more flexible mix. Not sure what I am going to do with the tentacle ends at this point.

Not sure where to proceed, I tried out 2 approaches to on the other limbs. On your left I went with a smaller set of tentacles [using a thinner gauge wire], on the right some breathing/excreting/etc. tubes. The beak bit is a carved up kroot head, a bit smaller than I want, Krootox Heads would be better, but GW doesn't sell bits like that anymore [somebody have 5 Krootox heads they don't want?]. Still looking for a good beak solution.

From the Side, I really like the idea of the tubes [right side], but maybe not on this model as they look like severed tentacles in context. I will file that away for the other other models I need to do to finish updating my Daemons.

And the other side. I like the "flailing" look of the one with the extra tentacles, I will go this route for the rest of the models. More GS rolling, sigh...  I will also give the tentacles a wash[es] of thinned liquid GS to give them a more organic look an make the segments a little more subtle.

At this point I have pretty much worked out the model, probably go with a puckered orifice for the head with beak in the center ringed by some small tentacles and eyes... Yummy.

More to follow...


DeanM said...

Don't know a gnat from a Nurgle, but these look great. BTW, we had a sculpting class from Mike Evans of Relic at last month's con. He recommended Procreate over Green Stuff for one-off sculpts. He recommended Green Stuff if the sculpture would be used the molding process. That is, if you're only converting figures, Procreate is easier to use. Best, Dean

PsychosisPC said...

I actually disagree with Procreate being easier to use. In some instances it can be, but not all of the time. You can get it smooth quicker than GS as it has a property similar to Brownstuff in that regard, but for me it does not hold organic shapes as well as GS and for my eyes its much harder to see the neutral gray/white appearance. And if I really want smooth and sharp edges, I will use Brown Stuff. Its good, but in my opinion not better.

PsychosisPC said...

Having seen your army often, I kind of see where you are heading with this. It should be cool.

Warboss Stalin said...

Procreate is quite a bit less sticky than GS, and you can sand it. It also instantly bonds with superglues...almost too fast.

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