Friday, May 10, 2013

Work on the Steampunk/Clockwork army intensifies.

So I have been mulling around an idea for a steampunk/clockwork army for a long time. I have horded bits and put together a couple models and bases for it along the way.

At first it was to be a Vampire army but then the new book came out and I had no interest in playing with that book. I had already created some knights for it so I started thinking what army could I make this work for? I still enjoyed playing Warriors of Chaos so I decided to do another themed chaos army.

Right when that happened I heard rumors of a new book. With that in mind I wanted to wait till the book came out till I went full steam at the army. Now I am comfortable with what I would like to run in the army and the bases I will need work has picked up a lot.

So here a work in progress shots of the knights.

They are all mono-wheel /tracked. I really liked how they came out. The bases and movement trays are not completely done yet.

My inspirations for this army were Bioshock and Hellboy 2. Bioshock Infinite totally got me re-energized on this theme.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first of many new pics of this army. Please let me know how you like them.

Dennis Gunia


Unknown said...

This is going to look great once it's painted. Have you got a color scheme in mind as you continue to build?

Terence said...

Very cool; once you mentioned Hellboy 2, I could see this army rumbling across a battlefield. What kind of scheme are you going with?

Rogers said...

They look great! I bet they are fun to build as well!

I am not digging the orc heads much, though, especially if it will be played as WoC. Have you thought about trying Dark Eldar Talos/Wrack/Grotesque heads on them? Those figs give you plenty of techy sort of bits to play with as well.

Rogers said...

Also, that banner is fukkin sweet.

Dennis G said...

This is the only unit that has the Black PRC heads. I am using a lot of the 40k ork stuff because it is very "low tech" and fits in well. As far as colors go I'm still in the planning phase.

Michael Butcher said...

Awesome, ditto the Rodge on sourcing from Dark Eldar for bits. Love the theme and the "Fukkin Sweet" banner!

Dennis G said...

Black Orc ..... stupid auto correct.

Stephen Herner said...

This looks fantastic! I total see the Hell Boy 2 connection can't wait to see more.

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