Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wood Elf Movement Trays

For the Narnia Army Jake and I made the decision to go all in in terms of hobby.  We opted for a nice set of reasonably priced trays from Sarissa Precision in the UK.  I've used many of laser cut movement trays in my day but these are some of the nicest trays I've yet seen.  The fact that they are 2 pieces (instead of 5) means that the corners are perfect every time with no worry about matching up those pesky miters!

Using wood glue I "clamped" the movement trays together using clothes pins and let dry overnight.

 Typically, I use metal inserts in my movement trays from Shogun Miniatures.  Unfortunately, because of an oversight I didn't get them on order in enough time so I had to go the hobby route.  I purchased these pre-bent steel flashing (found in the roofing section at your DIY store) For $.64 each.  A quick snip and I was able to secure them into the tray with 2 part epoxy.  Avoid using too much epoxy or you run the risk of it squeezing out on top the insert and taking up some of your precious space within the movement tray.

After mounting several small magnets flush into the bottom of the tray (to secure to my Table War case inserts) I primed the trays with cheap spray paint.  I then painted them Goblin Green prior to flocking them to match the bases.

In the end I'm really happy with how these came out especially considering how easy they went together. 


Dennis G said...

Those do look like nice kits :)Nice write up.

Tommy said...

Is there enough "wiggle room" in the trays? I just got some trays from back-2-base-ix and couldnt be more disappointed.

retroalias said...

Yes there is actually too much wiggle room!

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