Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Gorebeasts visit Adepticon.

Adepticon has come and gone, and I did very well this year. I was lazy and didn't take as many pictures as I should, so I won't bore you with text of game by game reports. What I am going to write today is my impressions of the new Warriors of Chaos Gorebeast Chariots, and how they performed over the weekend!

I finished 3 of these bad boys for my Adepticon list.
First off, what is a Gorebeast Chariot? Gorebeast chariots are killing machines that are insanely tough.

130 Points!
Chariot: S5 T6 W5 3+ Armor
2x Warrior crew: WS5 S4 I5 A2 LD8
1s Gorebeast: WS4 S5 I2 A3
 Impact hits have the Killing Blow special rule. Gorebeast Chariots cause Fear. Scythed wheels.

Low cost and a very high output. I made these chariots the core of my combat line. They are very slow, only moving 6 inches per turn. Getting the first turn is very helpful with these, otherwise they can lag behind the rest of the game. For what they pay in speed, they make up with pure power.

In the Team Tournament, I used 2 Gorebeast Chariots with the rest of our Warriors and Daemons list. We ended up playing High Elves (double), Dwarfs and Wood Elves, and Empire and Ogres.

I decided early on that I wanted to use the chariots as a front line battering ram. They didn't have the speed to harass on the flanks, or even clear chaff. I wanted them up the middle, killing everything in front of them. Against the High Elves game 1, the chariots controlled the middle of the board as White Lions moved backwards to avoid them. We were able to move around them as our opponents did their best to not get charged. This led to us picking our battles and doubling up the chariots with the Trolls and clearing a unit of White Lions at a time.

Game 2 vs Dwarfs and Wood Elves, a flaming banner in the Glade Guard just about took out all our trolls by the time we arrived to the fight. A failed stupidity test on the last possible turn of shooting before we charged in (Final Transmutation) gave us an open charge with our chariots and they wiped out the GG then marched down the line taking out a unit each round after. Our opponents focused their artillery this game on the chariots, but left them with 1 and 2 wounds each by the time we got into combat.

Game 3 vs Ogres and Empire, the game was more decided by the Reign of Chaos chart (in our favor) than the chariots. We still pushed our chariots into the fight and tried to double them up. The game was a bit more posturing than combat. In the end the game was more memorable for Andrea's magic phase rolls than the chariots, but we did end up 3-0 in the Team Tournament.

In the Championships, I stepped it up and added a third Gorebeast chariot. After playing with them in the Team Tournament, I know I wanted to run 2 chariots up the middle but now I had a third to do a little flank harassment and chaff clearing. In my 5 games I faced off against Dark Elves, Empire, Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos, and Skaven. A few possibilities for Cannons in there, which I feel are the biggest weakness of these Gorebeasts... so lets see what happened.

Game 1 vs Dark Elves, I feel like I misplayed my "flanking" chariot. I did use him to hold off the Dark Riders and Peg Sorceress on my right flank, but I feel like I could have positioned him to get a charge earlier than I did. He stopped the Peg Sorc from caster heavily until late when she purple sunned my Trolls, but holding off that long allowed the rest of the army to push hard. The two chariots in the middle made it to a brick of repeater crossbows without suffering a single wound over 3 trns and wiped them out.

Game 2 vs Empire, I moved all 3 in a brick towards a solid block of 4 Demigryphon Knights. I got the charge off and smacked the DG's hard, and suffering hardly any damage in return. This was one fight the Gorebeasts truly shined, with their Weapon Skill of 5 and toughness of 6. Getting the charge took away the lance bonus, and I killed 3/4 DG's and broke them (but didn't catch them), and I was almost free to do what I wanted near the center of the board after that. I was able to get into sdome knights and grind them out why my Trolls finished off more knights and Throgg killed Karl Franz in a solo challenge.

Game 3 vs another WoC army. We both had Daemon Princes of Nurgle running Death, but where I had chariots my opponent had Chimeras. Failed charges by the chariots early on put me out of position and pretty much lost me the game. I game back late and "won" the game, only to realize my oppponent had broken me a turn previous, right before I killed his DP and BSB. This was the greatest performance of the Gorebeast, though. A single chariot charged a unit of 4 Skullcrushers. Over the game, the chariot killed 3 out of 4 Skullcrushers, while only taking 3 wounds himself. In the end I was defeated, but the chariot gave me a lot to think about for future potential and chances to take.

Game 4 vs Daemons. My opponent was playing an all Nurgle Epidemus list. Unfortunately, his 1200+ point Deathstar was held in reserve by the scenario rules! This allowd me to focus on what was on the board. A nice triple Gorebeast chariot charge melted a unit of Beasts of Nurgle, only to be flanked by another large unit the next turn and get walked through. Getting charged in the flank really dampers the effectiveness of these chariots... who knew?! After finishing off the Beasts and turning to the Plgue-star as it came on the board I was able to combo Trolls, Skullcrushers, and 1 remaining chariot all into the unit. I killed the BSB and watched my opponent roll boxcars for his break test and the rest of his army basically popped.

Game 5 vs Skaven. My first time playing against Skaven ever when I was not also playing Skaven. And it was against the best Skaven General in the country (Ed Phillips). Ed has some bad luck in this game, but the Gorebeasts were sick as well. On my left flank, one Gorebeast chariot soaked fire from 15 Gutter Runners, taking 1 wound over 3 turns to the hail of poison. It then solo charged a unit of 30 Clan Rats, and at them all. On my right flank, a Gorebeast chariot took a charge from a Hellpit Abomination (with 1 wound left) and a Doomwheel on the same turn. Both units bounced off it, doing 2 wounds. I killed the HPA then ran down the DW earning the chariot some amazing glory. Things fell apart for Ed when his cannon blew up early trying hard to hit my Gorebeasts, knowing their effectiveness.

So 7 wins and 1 loss over the weekend. I was very happy with the performance of the Warriors in their first big tournament outing. I am going to try a few list variations at local events coming up, but look forward to the next big one with Warriors, Blood in the Sun! Until then I have my local league championships this weekend. It will be a 30-40 player event, and I am not taking any Gorebeast chariots! Instead I am trying some Core chariots instead, and a Chimera in special.

Until next time. I'll take more pictures, I promise!



Rogers said...

Great write up! How did the core chariots and Chimera do?

Khaas the Despoiler said...

Morbid curiosity, would you be willing to share your list?

Marlowe said...

What models are those plague beasts?

Austin said...

@Marlowe They look like Nurgle Plague Toads from Forgeworld to me.

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