Monday, May 6, 2013

Small Road Display Board

In my display board frenzy for Adepticon I built this simple little display board.  Originally, it was supposed to be for Andrew over at Ohiohammer.  But, as it turned out, this board was simply to small for his Empire army.  Fortunately, Mike Mattox was waiting in the wings with a need for a new display board!  The board is built using a 18" x 24" cork board.  On the cork I created multiple levels and a wide road running down the center using extruded polystyrene foam of several thickness.  Using Sculptamold I then added rocky transitions to the vertical surfaces to add a bit a character.


Using an old paint brush and a set of wire brushes I added a little extra texture to the Sculptamold while it dried.  One thing to remember is that if you apply it in one layer as I did with this board, it will take a really long time to dry (this took almost a week to dry).

Once everything was dry painted up the board in using hobby paints.  I spent a little more time on the road and rock walls than I did the flat surfaces which were getting covered in flock and static grass.

After paint I added a layer of "Farm Pasture" flock mix to the horizontal surfaces.

Next, I applied "Late Summer" 2mm static grass mix over the flock using a static grass applicator.  Once the glue was dry I gave the grass a good soaking of watered down Matte Medium.  Finally, painted the frame with black spray paint and it was done.  In this final photo you can see just how small the board is compared to board that Andrew ending up using at Adepticon. 



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