Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Simple Display Board

Here is a quick post showing how really easy display boards can be.  There really is no excuse for not having one these days given the materials we have access to! 

This simple display board was knocked out quickly on the run up to Adepticon.  Again, I started with a small cork board, upon which I mounted a 1/2" thick piece of extruded polystyrene (I use wood glue for adhering foam to foam or cork).  On top of this I glued a simple hill with a sanded slope made from the same material as the base. [Note - I made a rock backer for the board that I ultimately scrapped]

Next I glued down a strip of textured plasticard forming a cobble stone road.  I then glued sand along the edge of the road to make it look a bit more organic.

I then painted the road with Mudstone followed by a dry brush of Sandstone hobby paint.  I painted the remaining areas of the board brown followed a layer of flock that was topped off by a layer of static grass.   Added a few grass tufts and the board was complete.  In total the board took about 2 hours of actual build time.


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