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Ruins Bruins Adepticon Recap

Wappel's Tomb Kings. Amazing stuff
I participated in the Warhammer Fantasy Championships and they had 156 folks there playing games. The hall space for the Fantasy tournaments at Adepticon is great, lots of open space, tons of windows for natural sunlight and tables that though look different are consistent throughout.

The hall in all its bright windowed glory. 
I brought my Beastmen and this was the first time I have played in a tournament since Warriors of Chaos or the Daemons have come out. But I didn't play any of them playing VC, Dark Elves and Orcs and Goblins in the tournament. I took...

Beastlord (blackened plate, sword of battle, 4+ ward, other trickster's shard)
Lvl 4 Beast Great Bray (Chalice, scroll, ruby ring)
Beast Banner Wargor Bsb
43 Gor add. weapon, Full Command
19 unogr standard musician
5 raiders
2 tuskgor chariots
2 razorgor chariots
2 individual razorgor
5 harpies and drumroll please...
Double Ghorgons! (not sure if this was the wrong choice or if the rest of the army could have been constructed better around this)

Round 1 : Dennis "Aussie" Wendt with Vampire Counts
I had a great game with Dennis and his Vampire Counts army had some beautiful autumn basing that went well with his brown and subdued weathered skin look across the army. Some highlights were the red fury vampire lord smashing up a Ghorgon in one turn with strength 7 attacks! I was able to hold off parts of the VC army and use combined charges and the Gor block to fight off most units. On the turn Aussie's skeleton block with 3 cairn wraiths, 2 necromancers, and the vampire lord charged my gor block with BSB and Beastlord the lord double 6ed a spell and dimensionally cascaded off. I eventually won the game through chopping down the wraiths and unit with the beastlord and gor respectively. If the vampire lord hadn't of blown up Aussie may have beat me down thoroughly. Thankfully the double 6 can strike any wizard, anywhere, anytime.

Aussie's army. Thanks Vampire Lord for taking yourself out. 

Round 2 : Ben Curry with Dark Elves

The shade corner of death, and doom and a peg lord. :)
I was telling my buddy Mike that I wanted to play against one of the Bad Dice guys and I got my chance with Ben Curry. Curry had an interesting dark elf list that was heavy on shades, incredibly maneuverable and hit you when and if he wanted. I had a lot of fun in this game but my slower troops and spread out deployment (to help keep the shades out of my deployment zone and 12 inches away) kept me from being able to engage quickly. Lots of crossbow shots and a flying peg lord + peg bsb later and both ghorgons were dead. I was able to salvage some points by running units away and near terrain features in the last couple turns (there were objective points for holding terrain pieces at the end of the game). It was a fun game and it was cool to see an army I haven't seen before and a great opponent. I like to think I gave him a run for his money and gave him a little competition.  A highlight was holding up the dreadlord on peg for a couple turns in combat. T6 is tricky to break through, the BSB on peg came in with a lance to finish the job. But I was happy to keep those two away from the rest of my battle line.

Look at the skull rock, look at it!
Curry had this awesome laser pointer that projects a line, this was super useful and speed up game play. I will have to go find this piece of german engineering. Curry has some great subtle conversions in his army and many models have bits added, changed or swapped. I liked on one of his hydra the bone sticking through the newly regenerating neck.

Whats better than one regenerating monster against Beastmen, two regenerating monsters. 

Game 3: Tom McClure with Savage Orcs!

Tom McClure is legendary for giving great games and this one was no different. I find Orcs and Goblins against Beastmen an often enjoyable game as the armies tend to get to grips with each other and have different chaff pieces that can get in the way and have minor skirmishes while the big stuff gets into position. The scenario in this round was a blood and glory scenario with a breaking point of 3. We wanted the game to last as long as possible so had lots of little skirmishes between chaff and a grand finale push, 4 chariots, 5 raiders and a clip by the gor block on his block of savage orc big 'uns with his general, bsb and lvl 4 left me bouncing off with 2 chariots and a chariot on the flank and the gor in the front. The beastlord ended up killing the general in combat causing the army to break and me to win. It was a fun game and Tom seemed to have fun throughout the weekend and was a great host alongside Domus for international visitors.

These are not Savage Orcs but Normans from the Ancients mega battle

Game 4: Adam Ballard with Vampire Counts

Sunday morning you could see the weary smiles of happy gamers who had a late night of drinking, camaraderie and games. I was amongst them and was pleased to be paired up with Adam who I had never had the chance to meet or play before. Adam brought a Vampire Counts list that had a spirit host, hexwraiths, a terrorgheist and 2 big units of Crypt Horrors. I knew I was going to be in for a battle and Adam's lord was not a lvl 4 like Aussie so there was much less chance of him blowing himself up and the diagonal deployment meant the Vampire Counts were going to be up in my face quickly. I tried to anchor my army far back in my deployment zone and used a building as an amber spear and ruby ring ungor and great bray shaman home to try and lessen the impact of the spirit host, hexwraiths and terrorgheist. There were too many things that needed magical or long range attacks to deal with and although I ended up taking out a units of crypt horrors and some other minor units the majority of my chariots and both Ghorgons meet a bitter end. His main combat block and my main combat block never fought, a testament to both of our fears of committing and not knowing the others equipment. Adam gave me a great game but I ended up losing but taking some objective and battle points.
These are also not VC, but I forgot to take pictures. Yep, I stink. 

Game 5: Mike Mattox with Dark Elves

I have never had an opportunity to play Mike at a tournament and this was I think my first time meeting Mike as well. This was a terrific game, regardless of Mike's good luck even though he was determined to try and roll lower. Mike's list had a lvl 4 Shadow a lvl 2 metal and a lvl 2 death along with a cold one mounted dreadlord and a bsb. His hydras each had a little nameplate around their necks labeled "crutch" and "blanket" and they were referred to throughout the game like that. I tried to get to grips as fast I could but was held up by harpy units and the hydras. I killed one hydra in combat but couldn't finish the job with the rest of the army. A good chunk of the gor died to a pit of shades along with my bsb, a withering and rounds of shooting finished them off. I lost the game and had fun while doing it. I tried to pick up as many objective and battle points as I could with leftover units.

Overall thoughts were that I had a wonderful time in all my games and was very lucky in that regard. I wouldn't have traded out any of my opponents and it was hard to think of who was my best opponents when it came time to vote. The hobby side of all my opponents armies were for the most part an exceptional standard and the gameplay was clean, the scenarios were straightforward and Alex and his volunteers were helpful, friendly and kept the whole thing organized and running smoothly.

It was cool to see the impact kickstarter companies had in the vendor hall and I in particular liked chatting with Chad from Wild West Exodus and seeing the new factions being developed by them. The use of a d10 system for games and the fantastic models makes me excited to see all the models in the flesh(plastic+resin).


Eric Hagen's sweet Vikings holding the river in the mega battle


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