Friday, May 10, 2013

Orc of the Realm #4 & Orctonnian Update

I've finally finished the 4th Orc of the Realm for the Orctonnian army.
This fella took longer to paint than I'd care to admit, and I think my paint logs may be a bit off.
I'm going to pay much closer attention on the next one, in order to get a very accurate idea of how long it takes to paint each one.
This is the first boar that I did with a pink snout. The rest were black so far. I like how it looks, it's somehow more comical looking this way.
I did more on this guy's base than I did on the rest. I added two types of grass to the base, along with a smattering of leaves. I liked the leaves so much that I went back and added them to the bases of all the other models that I have finished.
Notice the skin tones. I used new GW green tones for it. The colors used were: Castellan Green, Death World Forest, Ogryn Camo, and an Ogryn Camo/Bleached Bone mix. There were also a few mix shades in between the Death World Forest and Ogryn Camo colors.
I always go back after clear coating these guys to hit both the orc's mouth, and the boar's mouth/teeth/snout with 'Ardcoat. That gives them a nice gloss look, and makes them stand out.
I'm still having a real blast working on these models. They're so characterful and fun to do. We'll see if I feel that way after 20 or 30 of them!
Sadly for this model, most of the facial detail is hidden because his face is concealed by his pose. That's no reason not to paint it as well as possible though!
There's all the mounted knights I have finished thus far. Besides them, there's the one knight on foot that's completed.

Next up on the paint table for this army is the 5th Orc of the Realm. After that, I'll have to convert some more models up in order to do some more painting. At that point, perhaps a Peg-Orc is in order!


Ryan said...

Every time you get a new guy done it is one more step to being closer to being on the table in front of my face. Keep it up these guys are amazing

Tommy said...

These are exquisite! Please tell me the Peg-Orcs will be on Flying Boars...

Domus said...

Fracking awesome!

Question: Is there a reason the yellow on the shield and on the dude don't quite match? Shield looks more golden and dude looks more lemon.


Johnny Hastings said...

Thanks fellas!

Yeah, Tom, there will be flying boars!

Domus, I used the same colors. The shield was painted a few months before the rest though. Also, I forgot to glue the shield on before I clear coated it, so the shield never got sprayed. That's the beauty of the army though, I can get away with some variation. I didn't notice that in person, but I'll have to look again!

Domus said...

Could be a tone issue in the image as well. Lovely stuff - such a great theme!

Mr Saturday said...

Super cool, the standard of conversion is tip-top. I love the boar's snout colour too. This is gonna be a fantastic looking army when it's done, the theme is just goddam inspired. Moar!

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