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Midwest Rampage Recap

Back from the Rampage.  Had a blast.  Great weekend with a great group of folks.  John did a great job taking over for Emerick and I think it promises good things for the future.

I failed hard with both of my goals but had so many great games I don't really care!  I also failed with picture taking!

A little birdy told me too that I ended up with pretty good sportsmanship scores as well, even in the face of a filthy list. I will take that result any day!

Keep reading to see highlights from my games.

My List
Slann - General - Lore of Light
Ironcurse Icon - Focus of Mystery (loremaster) - Focused Rumination (free dice)

Slann BSB - Lore of Death
Feedback Scroll - Bane Head
Focused Rumination(free dice) - Becalming Cogitation (discard 6's)

Scar Vet-Cold One - Dragonhelm - Dawnstone - Venom of Firefly Frog - Halberd
Scar Vet-Cold One - Dragonbane Gem - Crown of Command
Skink Priest - Cube of Darkness (lvl 1)
Skink Priest - Dispel Scroll (lvl 1)
20 Saurus - Std / Muso
25 Skinks - Full Cmd /w 3 Krox
10 Skinks - Std / Muso
10 Skinks - Std / Muso
10 x Skink Skirmishers
10 x Skink Skirmishers
10 x Skink Skirmishers
3 Terradons
9 Chameleons
9 Chameleons
9 Chameleons
3 Sallies
3 Sallies

(All opponent lists are from memory so may not be exact.)

Game 1 - John Wenger (DE)
His list
Lvl 4 with Reverse Ward - Death
Lvl 3 with Seal of Grond / Lifetaker - Shadow
BSB on Foot

We played on the table that John made and brought and I won the roll for table side.  This was huge as there was a river dividing the table 3/4 and 1/4.  I took the big section with freedom to move.  There was also a sinister statue on his side hitting his unit.  Huge advantage for me.
Highlights - Bane Head + Feedback scroll killed the Death Mage.
I'm a pretty pathetic opponent here and don't remember lots of details.  :-(
As always John is one of the greatest opponents you could ask to face.

Win to me.  Max Battle Points & General Points

Game 2 Steve Gruenwald - Empire
His list
Lector an Waltar
Lvl 4 Life
40 man Flagellant unit
25 Halberds
15 Knights Inner Circle
5 Knights
5 Pistoliers
5 Outriders
Rocket thingy

Turn 1 he killed my Death slann.  I was behind a fence which negated cannon 1.  Cannon 2 came, failed look out sir, failed 4+ ward, 5 wounds.  Dead.  Sad face.

I was shooting him up and doing a good job of avoiding combats.  Steve was doing a good job of keeping my chaff bouncing.  I got his Knights down to 3 models.  Killed the War Altar. 2 of 3 wounds on his general.  Time was called.  I was 4 wounds away from a 800 point swing which would have won me the game.  I had sooo much to do that my turns took forever.   Loss to me.  Great fun game though.

Game 3 - Watchtower scenario
David Gilpin - Slaanesh Demons
Keeper of Secrets, herald, BSB
2  x 40 hordes of demonettes
20 man block of demonettes
6 fiends
Exalted chariot

This was an army I was a bit worried about given the speed of it. 

I won the building roll and took it with 20 saurus.  I deployed my slanns then within range of the building in a unit of blowpipe skinks.  Flanked on each side by Skrox and chaff.  Turn 1 he started operation grill in a big way.  I got amazingly lucky in my turn 1 and Rock Drops, + blowpipes did away with the exalted chariot.

Both scar vets charged the keeper.  Dawnstone vet challenged and I only took 1 wound.  Spirit leeched his herald.

Then he rolled on the winds in turn 2 and his ward saves went to 6+.  Feedback scroll on the keeper for for wounds.  The Sallies moved into position that turn and killed 37 of 40 demonettes.

Keeper charged my slaan unit with 1 wound left.  Stand and shoot (plus only a 6+ WS) took him down.
My shooting was more than slaanesh could take and I utterly destroyed the poor man but he took it like a champ.

Max points for me.

Game 4 - Jake Murphy DE
Cauldron - General
Lvl 4 on Dragon - Reverse Ward - Dark Magic
BSB with Hydra banner on Cold One
Lvl 1 Metal on foot.
30 Spears
20 xbows full cmd
3 x 5 Dark Riders with xbows
9 Cold One Knights
2 Hydras

Highlights - Spears plus Lvl 1 panicked off the table turn 1.  (Sallies rule!)
Sallies killed the knight unit down to 4 models.  Jake desperation charged them + hydra (with 1 wound left) into a skrox unit and I ultimately got em.
Since his mage was becalmed he threw 11 dice at Soulstealer on that skrox unit.  I let him and then feedback scrolled the mage.  3 wounds turned to 6 - "bad news bro".

Jake was amazing.  Even though I had a pretty clear upper hand early on he was in great spirits throughout the entire game and never let it phase him.  I see now why he has done so well in the sportsmanship awards.

We played on the same table I played John Wenger on and again winning the table side roll was a huge advantage.

Game 5 vs. Joe Sleboda (TK)
Tomb king with Destroyer
Horde of Tomb Guard
6 Chariots
5 snakes
3 x 10 archers
Scouting horses
8 carrion

Started out shooting up his units, stopping his movement spells.  Got the big TG unit down to 10 models with King, Rahmotep and BSB.  Blocked it up with Terradons, he charged (was surprised when I didn't flee) and wiped them out.  When he attempted to reform I reminded him of his frenzy and that he was forced to overrun (Thank YOU Tom McClure for always playing frenzied stuff).  Set me up with a great charge on that unit.  If I destroyed the unit I would break his fortitude and win.

Charged it with Skrox to the front and Saurus to the flank which had 1 scar vet left and both slann (so the death slann was up front since I didnt take a champ).

In the course of our game I got IF at least 8 times.  The thing is though - I never used more than 2-3 dice for any spell.:-(
Spirit leeched Rahmotep before combat so no hatred / frenzy.  Won combat by 1.  2-3 more rounds of combat and I was still fighting it.  He got a KB on the death slann.  :-(

His chariot unit had been dealing with a small jav unit in its flank. It finally won and charged into the slann unit.  He IF smiting on all of his unit. Killed my general and won the game by breaking me.

I made quite a few mistakes in our game;
I shouldn't have got in combat at all.  I should have just kept frenzy baiting his unit.  And shooting/magicking the hell out of it for the win.  Turns out, that just isn't the way I like to play the game.

I should have NOT charged the slann unit into that combat.  I was just hoping to crumble it down on res.

Lastly, I could have denied the chariots a ton of attacks had I just challenged with the slann.  I expect he would have died anyway to the Tomb King but it would have been fewer wards to make.

It was truly a great game and really I felt that dramatic surge of events during the game.  Joe thought for sure he was done.  So much so he had me skip my shooting phase at first just to get it over with. Really, really amazing game though.  It sucked to lose but I really love the dramatic feel of events.

I had 5 amazingly fun games of warhammer and even though I promised myself not to feel guilty about my list, I only did briefly.  Vs. the Slaanesh demons.  It just was awful for him.  My shooting and magic was on fire.

I had the absolute toughest time ranking my opponents as all 5 opponents were great gamers and fun games.

The Awards were...
Best Terrain Theme: John Wenger

Best Terrain Piece: Greg Dupuis

Best Terrain Table: Chuck Jiardina

Players choice Army: Chris Yu

Best Appearance: 1st) Chuck Jiardina
2nd) Jake Murphy
Joe Sleboda (tie)

Best General: 1st) Grant Fetter
2nd) James Hyde
3rd) Paul Vinton

Overall: 1st) Joe Sleboda
2nd) Grant Fetter
3rd) Chuck Jiardina

Gentleman Gamer (sports): 1st) Joe Gero
2nd) Tanya Scheibe
3rd) Tom McClure



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