Sunday, May 19, 2013

Midwest Rampage List

Got a tourney this weekend.  3K no grand army, otherwise a no comp event.

I'm pulling out all the stops and bringing one of the nastiest little lists I have ever fielded.  Thankfully, the sportsmanship scoring posted on the website does not include an in game score.  We will see if that is a mistake or not.

I have 2 lofty goals for this weekend.

1) Win all of my games.  I have a capable list.  I just have to use it right and count on a bit of luck.
2) Cast all 13 of my spells in 1 magic phase.  We will see-lots of things have to happen just right for this to happen.

The List
Slann - General - Lore of Light
Ironcurse Icon - Focus of Mystery (loremaster) - Focused Rumination (free dice)

Slann BSB - Lore of Death
Feedback Scroll - Bane Head
Focused Rumination(free dice) - Becalming Cogitation (discard 6's)

Scar Vet
Cold One - Dragonhelm - Dawnstone - Venom of Firefly Frog - Halberd

Scar Vet
Cold One - Dragonbane Gem - Crown of Command

Skink Priest - Cube of Darkness (lvl 1)
Skink Priest - Dispel Scroll (lvl 1)
20 Saurus - Std / Muso
25 Skinks - Full Cmd /w 3 Krox
10 Skinks - Std / Muso
10 Skinks - Std / Muso
10 x Skink Skirmishers
10 x Skink Skirmishers
10 x Skink Skirmishers
3 Terradons
9 Chameleons
9 Chameleons
9 Chameleons
3 Sallies
3 Sallies

Pretty evil.  I feel a little dirty but I am embracing it!

I hope to take some nice pics and publish some bat reps as well.



Hayne Begley said...

Love it domus, looks very similar to a 3K list I was considering. How did it do?

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