Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meet Rhellion

 Hey there, Bastard followers! This is Rhellion, introducing myself as a new writer for the Magnificent Bastards. Now I am no amazing hobby hero like some of the other fine gentlemen on the Bastards roster, but I like to think I have a few things that might keep you lot entertained in between the good stuff. I fancy myself a gamer first, and hobbyist second. If you recognize my handle you may already know that, but I hope to contribute with some battle reports, progress on current projects, maybe some tournament and army list reviews, and anything else I feel is up to par!

Skaven at Blood in the Sun 2012

But enough of all that. Let me tell you all a little about how I got started in the hobby. My very first game was Warhammer Fantasy. Way back on a Christmas morning when my brother and I split the 5th edition box and I ended up with Lizardmen. Shortly after I stopped playing, but still enjoyed painting and ventured into 40k like most young gamers. Fast forward some years and gaps in hobbying, and I am finally back in the hobby and start blogging. I started up 4th Company Ultra for my Space Marine army, which morphed into Rhellion's Tabletop when I picked up the 7th Edition Skaven book when it was released.

Blogging and Skaven are what turned me into a Warhammer Fantasy fiend. I love the game so much I slowly molded my wife, Andrea, into a gamer and eased her into Warhammer. As you may think, this is a gamer's best dream. We now travel to tournament weekends together, talk hobby any time we want at home, have family model and painting nights, and probably spend more money than I would ever get to if she didn't also play Warhammer!

We are a powergaming household!

My main Warhammer Fantasy army is Skaven. For the past 2 years I have played hundreds of games any many, many tournaments with the ratmen. After the years of Skaven I have finally changed it up with Warriors of Chaos with the new book release. I have played small events with Vampires, Ogres, High Elves, and Daemons, but the Warriors are the second full army I have painted. Adepticon was my first true event with them, and I will be posting my impressions with them soon.

The new WoC at Adepticon 2013

Outside of the Warhammer hobby, I am a big Detroit Hockey fan. Born and raised in South East Michigan, I am spoiled with one of the best Hockey dynasties in the sport! I am also a fan of other games that I may like to post about on the blog int he future: Malifaux, Warmachine, X-Wing, and Dungeons & Dragons. In order to afford all this plastic goodness I work in the automotive industry (surprise! in Detroit, right?!). I started as a mold designer for plastic injection fascia (car bumper) molds, and now design plastic injection manifolds using a variety of 3d softwares (currently Solid Works).

 That's us front row behind Z!
Would probably be cooler if the molds were for Warhammer models.

Hopefully I will be able to offer something to the crew that is a little unique while also being interesting to you all. If you have anything specific you would like me to check out and write a post for, please don't hesitate to comment or email me at I am also huge fan of Twitter, and you can find me @Rhellion. Thanks gang, and see you soon!

-Brad Schwandt aka Rhellion


Rogers said...

Welcome brutha!

Unknown said...

Yea buddy!

Ryan said...

I'll hop on this hobby domination train. Ere' we go.

Mike Howell said...

Hey Brad. It was nice to meet you Saturday at the GLWL event after reading your blog for so long. Your army is really something to behold.

Rhellion said...

Thanks a lot Mike!

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