Saturday, May 4, 2013

Meet Nicol

Amongst an amazing crowd here on this blog and honored to join.  At this stage in the game I feel like the Jack of all trades but master of none.  I'm not as good of a painter as Johnny or the Rodge, I'm a decent sport though in comparison to skullbros, Phaneuf and Domus I can't shake a stick.  Domus and Phaneuf are hobby machines and although I've won a few games I'm no midas like the people's champion, Rodge or Rhellion.  So what do I have to offer?  Well as I stated I feel like I'm decent at all aspects of this game/hobby and I'll try to live up to the hype that is the magnificent bastards.  I can paint ok, convert ok, I sometimes make terrain and I can win more games than I lose...(except at Adepticon 13').

So who am I? 

 My name is Ryan Nicol and I have a problem.  I have been sober for...jk!  I'm a 28 year old jock/geek.  If I had a real life D&D character that would be my dual class.  I currently reside in Aurora, IL and have come to know that Chicagoland is the land of Warhammer.  Perhaps not the UK, but man it is amazing how easy it is to get a game in around here...but I digress.  I grew up in God's country (Iowa) and would love to move back there some day.  However, after graduating from Wartburg College I accepted a job with Hormel Foods in Austin, MN.  After living there for 5 years I was transferred to Kansas City for 6 months before being Transferred again to our Chicago office.  I have an amazing wife, Becky, who respects my hobby although she does not share my passion as Rhellion's wife does.

Besides warhammer which I will get to soon, I love to play Basketball more than anything, even Warhammer I think.  I also enjoy Football, Golf, and Softball (participating in, not watching).  I also love following the Iowa State Cyclones win or lose which is usually lose.

*This got a little long winded so you may want to stop here.

My friends would say I am quite the anomaly when it comes to being a geek.  I had two groups of friends in High School, my gamer friends and my Jock friends. As a 3 sport athlete, captain of the football and basketball teams and dating the homecoming queen they couldn't believe that I liked to build, paint and game with plastic miniatures.  Somehow I made my dual life work though and managed to dabble in Warhammer for awhile without losing too much respect.
I still remember the first day I found out about this game. The fates aligned as I spotted a brand new Gmaes Workshop store on my way to Foot Locker to buy some new kicks.  I made my first purchase when I was in 8th grade as I stumbled into what I found to be an utterly amazing store.  The gaming tables and terrain, the painted models and the nerd fumes drew me straight in.  My first purchase (a little ashamed to say) was a box of Ultramarines.  I soon went back and bought my Dwarves.  Thus the seed was planted in warhammer. I never fully painted my dwarves nor played any games according to the rules.  I think we called it WarScrewdriver for awhile as we would get pretty drunk at a buddies while we pretended we were playing.

Then I was lost for a time in a hobby black hole = College.  I guess it wasn't a black hole per se as I found two new hobbies, Poker and Beer.

After college was when I really got into this game. I found the high elf book, an army box and what I didn't have in High School,  a big ass PAYCHECK!  Thus I had the time, funds and motivation to complete my first army:

I attended my first tournament in 2009 and have never looked back.  The number of friends I have made, amazing hobby I have seen, memories I will never (and sometimes hope to) forget, and the fun that I have had is why I am in this hobby.  As my friends and I continued to attend tournaments I soon learned that most were wearing matching shirts and had cool club names.  Thus I began the TWISTED TROOP to be the gaming club that I traveled to tournaments with.  Some may say that I have a drinking problem, but it is usually only a problem when I'm not at warhammer events.  I just love to drink beer with buddies and well I'm surrounded by buddies when I'm playing warhammer so go figure.  If you see me say hi, introduce yourself and let's grab a beer.

We're not always this ugly...

Besides warhammer I have played Malifaux, Warmachine and have just started 40k with the new edition.  I also thoroughly enjoy playing boardgames and am currently and meticulously trying to corrupt my in-laws and nieces and nephews to become gamers. Shhh.

I love the creative aspect of this hobby, not only being able to take a vision from start to finish myself, but also seeing what others come up with.  I have followed this blog since its inception and have gotten a lot of inspiration, enjoyment, and excitement from the posts that have been put up here in the past and look forward to them in the future.

I hope that I can provide something worthwhile to the followers of this blog, be it Fantasy or any of the other systems, terrain, gaming, etc.

Alright peace - I'm going to get my brand spankin' new HIGH ELF BOOK BABY!


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Gigawatts said...

I thought I recognized that mug. Tyler, here, who demoed Warmachine for you back in KC. I am happy to see you blogging and rocking awesome facial hair.

Ryan said...

Tyler long time no see. I remember that fated day when I bested the cygnar with your very own circle. Are you planning on any tourneys anywhere? Would be good to see the KC crew again.

Gigawatts said...

After this May, my life calms down after a move and a graduation. I have been kicking around the idea to try some big tournaments. I do love Chicago. Gotta get some Al' Italian Beef.

Rogers said...

Welcome aboard, brutha!

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