Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last foray for the Dogs of War

Seeing one of Rob "Pha's Protection" Phaneuf's big army posts inspired me to take a pic of all my painted DoW figs. They're not as numerous as his TK or Dwarfs, but still quite formidable, exceeding well over 4,000 points. As mentioned in Episode 84 of Point Hammered, I am interested in selling them as well.

Although the concept of DoW may very well return in 9th edition with the all the rumors of allies, I am personally done with this force. I sold off all my remaining bits for it last year and have no interest in painting anything more in the army's color or basing scheme. It's time these guys brought a lil joy to someone else!

See below for a full list of models. Anyone interested in purchasing the whole lot can send their offer to the Ask the Bastards! inbox. If they don't go as a lot, the individual units will be put on Ebay on Thursday, June 6th.

General with 3 magnetized mount options - Barded Steed, Pegasus, Dragon

Captain on Barded Steed
Captain on Foot
Wizard on Barded Steed
3 Wizards on Foot
Paymaster on Paychest mount

Core (1,001 points):
9 Duellists with additional hand weapon (the Pups)
9 Duellists with pistols and musician
8 Duellists with pistols
29 Pikmen with heavy armor and full command
6 Voland's Venators
18 Marksmen of Miragliano

 Special (832 points):
5 Ogres including Standard and Champion
4 Ogres
20 Long Drong Slayer Pirates
17 Lumpin Croop Fighting Cocks

Rare (1280 points):
Giants of Albion (the Gorillas)
The Goblin Hewer
2 Halfling Hot Pots
2 Mercenary Cannons

Point values are calculated using the Indy GT rules.

All the figs are magnetized. There is one additional movement tray, a 3x2 ogre tray and a jungle themed display board.

This army has won many paint and overall awards over the years.

Anyone interested can send their queries to the Ask the Bastards! Inbox.


Mr Saturday said...

Sweet looking army.

Chris Tomlin said...

Looks awesome mate! Hope you get what you want for it :)

Michael Butcher said...

:( well, I have my Butt kicked by them over the years.

Rogers said...

Thanks! I'm excited to send them to a good home.

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