Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kevin 'Ruins' Bruins

Howdy nerds, geeks and miniatures connoisseurs,

The day has come were the Magnificent Bastards have lowered their standards to the point were they allow me to post on this site. But their struggle is truly your gain, for if you haven't heard my inane ramblings and love of this dice game Warhammer you are about to be exposed to a world of awesome nonsense.

This is me at the latest Waaaghpaca, I am clearly unimpressed by the great eagle. 

I got into miniatures when I saw a cousin receive the 6th edition Warhammer starter set. My little grubby teenage hands worked long hours at the food court to collect Orcs and Lizardmen. Through many years of trials and tribulations my Warhammer experience was like that of a wayward soul. I went to several of the old Chicago GTs as a teenager and when that was gone there was a fleeting moment in which miniatures could have left my life altogether, but out of that darkness came a man, no a hero, no above all those things came Mike Gerold, the People's Champion, the master of tactics, logic and reason, NaBroleon!

In college for a good two years of wonder and joy Mike and I played Warhammer almost every Thursday honing or skills against only each other and slowly over time the cold war of army design reached a breaking point (it is this every week of gaming and our constant attempts to beat the other that I think has lead to both Mike and I really liking chaff units). We decided to jump into independent Warhammer tournaments and have slowly gotten better at this game and while doing so abandoned all hope in other aspects of like.

 I am apart of the Skull Bros Awesome crew, my lack of shame and my complete disregard for attempts at pride allowed me to join this group of awesome dudes, that and they needed someone who wasn't an asshole all the time.

Somewhere between our first Northstar and Waaaghpaca tournament the idea to become "legit" came forward. We decided to up our hobby, our painting and our games. The product of this is Mike's super sweet Warriors of Chaos wolf themed force and my Beastmen mutant army.

I have a will to keep options open and so have been known to take ridiculous army choices (Double Ghorgons) if only to prove a point to the internet. If you are looking for Win at all costs warhammer, I am not your guy. If you are looking for ridiculous ideas that just might work than read on reader, for I have been called the Captain Jack Sparrow of Warhammer. It shouldn't work but somehow that Ghorgon in the rear really did break that block of Nurgle marked Chaos Warriors with halberds.


Ryan said...

Ya - that's my eagle you're not impressed with btw. Looking forward to seeing more of your crazy ideas/modelling

Nabroleon said...

You bastard--my nurgle warriors were just feeling a little shy that day.

Also, I hate your Ghorgons.

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