Sunday, May 19, 2013

It shimmers! Daemons of the Southern Warpgate v1.0

As my Wisco Boys in the UK post indicated, I did indeed get the Daemons done in time for the South Coast GT. At the event they performed admirably, putting me at 13th out of 180+ players and also garnered the Best Army Trophy, which was awesome!

So, finally, I'll throw out a few more pics of the Daemons!

The idea for these has been kicking around for some time. For some reason, it seems like folks never theme their Daemon armies beyond mono or double god jobbers. I wanted to do a Daemon list with a theme besides the big four and I thought a Cthulhu or Chthonic (Chthonic = spirits of the underworld in Greek) style of Daemon would fit the bill. Going with a theme other than a mono-god style would also let me take pretty much whatever I wanted and open up plenty of modeling opportunities.

Except for the unit of ten plagueletters in the middle of the army, which were painted in July of 2012, pretty much everything else was converted and painted in between WAAAGH! Paca (last week of January) and South Coast GT (second week of April) of this year. That is only ten weeks!

In addition to the extensive conversion work on every model, I tried several new techniques with this army. Specifically, I used scratch-sculpted bases, pigment powders and pearlescent spray. The combination of these three effects create a look that doesn't really seem to come across in pictures.

I took a little video to try to show this. (Youtube really downed the quality of the vid but you should be able to see what's going on.) Depending on the light and how you look at it, the models will have a different sheen, shimmer, or glow - however you want to describe it. Keep an eye on the Plague Drone wings in particular, they give you a good idea of how they look in person.

In any case, I will put together a post describing the bases, the pigment powders and the spray. I will also put together a couple posts about how I was able to do it in 10 weeks and then do unit by unit posts, showing WIP shots of each.

I'm not done with the army yet, though. I still have an army display board to work on and a couple new units to switch up the list for Blood in the Sun in June!

In the meantime, enjoy some more pics!


Stay tuned for more!


Mr Saturday said...

Hats off dude, an incredible army. I bet you're totally sick of tentacles.

Jessica Grant said...

beautifully done! it's a fantastic theme running through the lot of them =)
also as mr saturday has said... I can imagine one is a teeny bit fed up of tentacles at this time, or rather is perhaps too fond of them? =P
fantastic paint work too.

Dennis G said...

Very nice. Impressive as always sir.

Domus said...

Badass Rodge! Glad I got to see em in person! Pics just don't tell the whole story.

Ryan said...

Amazazing! Can't wait to see them at Blood in the Sun! Nurgle is definitely the way to go with the new Daemon book!

Rogers said...

Thanks guys!

I am sort of sick of tentacles, however I did roll up like five hundred of them, so I have a strategic tentacle reserve for future models.

The next couple models I'm working on, though, I am taking in a bit of a different direction, de-emphasizing the tentacled beasties.

Hinge said...


That is a freaking awesome army. Congrats on the Best Army Award.

Though I am beginning to suspect you have a thing for Japanese Tentacle Porn!

Christian Taylor said...

Dude - once again, amazing army!
Can you post up your painting formulas? Really interested on how you did the wings for the plague drones - these are the standout models of the army for me. Love the tentacle work on all of them though, really gives the impression that the army is rushing/straining to charge forward.

Rogers said...

Thanks bros!

I can do a post about the recipes for ya, Bubsy.

Rhellion said...

Really looking forward to seeing this in person at BitS.

D6damage said...

Just stumbled across this army via google. Amazing work. Really beautiful army.

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