Tuesday, May 21, 2013

High Elf secret santa hero

     So on one of the forums I frequent they did a secret Santa exchange. You paint a fig and send it to the address given you will get one in return. One of the requirements was you had to have a paint blog on the site. This made it easy to see what the other persons theme and color scheme were. I had a lot of fun painting this guy and since High Elves are in fashion now I figured I would post him.

     So now this guy rests somewhere in Scotland. It was nice to paint a High Elf with no white. If I was to paint another High Elf army I would probably do a scheme close to this. Well let me know what you think guys. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

Dennis Gunia


Unknown said...

Very nice, as a former Scottish gamer (now moved down south) I'd be interested to know where in the country it was sent as I don't immediately recognise the scheme so not sure it's a regular tournament goer (we tend to all know each other!)but agree that it does look good.

Dennis G said...

I went back and looked where I sent it. I sent it to Falkirk. Let me know if that jars anything loose. Good Luck

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