Monday, May 6, 2013

GW Mold line removal Tool

Tried out a new tool this weekend over at Tom McClures house and was pretty blown away by its awesomeness.

The GW mold line removal tool as seen here.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the furthest thing from being a complete GW "fanboi".

I am very used to their standard habit of taking a tool from another manufacturer, slapping a GW sticker on it and upcharging 300-400%.

This is not the case with this device.  I looked and found a comparable tool at at a comparable price.,7547.html  And it comes without the brush (not that I would use the brush, just saying...)

Normally I just use an exacto knife to scrape away mold lines.  Inevitably, that leaves some damage on the miniatures surface either in the form of indentions or jagged cuts.

I only used this once on a model at Toms house but will be buying one ASAP and it will be the only tool I will use for mold line removal.  (*Disclaimer - I only used it to remove mold lines on plastic - in theory it should handle metal models as well but it is untested as of yet)

The unique shape of it lets you get in small spaces as well which is nice though the micromark tool may have an advantage there (due to the pointed blade shape).



Mr Saturday said...

I was struck by how remarkably useful this thing was too. I thought there must be a catch. Was it coated with poison? Is it made of ivory? My suspicions have faded and now it's a firm tool box favourite.

Mike Howell said...

I've been struggling with mold lines on softer plastics like PP, Bones and Sedition Wars. This may be just what I need. Thanks!

Domus said...

Cheers guys.

Mr Saturday - hahahahahaha - I figured you had to be able to buy it for $3 elsewhere which is why I went searching (typical GW MO). Imagine my surprise when I found it was priced fairly, even advantageously when you toss in the brush.

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