Thursday, May 16, 2013

Guest Bastard Tim "Flando Calrissian" Flanders

In this post we've got some sweet pics of Tim  "Flando Calrissian" Flanders' Empire Army. He won Best Painted with it at WAAAGH! Paca this year. Check out the pics below with Flando's comments.

Marius Leitdorf, the madman, the myth, the legend!

Leitdorf and his trusted councilor, the Shadow Wizard Vindalv Greycloak

Captain Heinrich Holst, the Army Battle Standard Bearer and personal Champion of Marius himself

Sergeant Adler, Duelist of the Swordsmen of Averland

Sergeant Waldemar, Count's Champion of the Mountainguard

Captain Jaqq of the Bunny Brigade, Halfling Levy Archers

Vizegraf Schultz, personal accountant and quartermaster of Marius Leitdorf

Inner Circle Knights of the Order of the Black Eagle

The Blades of Averheim, Marius Leitdorf's standing men-at-arms

Big Grundvald, Ogre Mercenary in the employ of the Blades of Averheim

The Mountainguard of Averland, guardians of Black Fire Pass

Karl Tuchenstein, Master Engineer his lord's artillery

The Malleus Mari, "Hammer of Marius"

Rodge here. Overall, this is just a beautiful army! And I think it's a great example showing that you don't necessarily have to convert the crap out of everything and smother the bases in detritus to take home the appearance prize. 

 Any questions or comments, leave 'em below for Flando to see.


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