Saturday, May 11, 2013

Empire Knights That Don't Ride Ponies

What has kept me from Empire Knights for the past 6 or 7 years is those damn tiny horses they come with. Bah. They look ridiculous next to even the unbarded horses of the pistoliers. Let me tell you, I'll only stand for that kind of irritation for a couple thousand days are so! So I finally bit the bullet and ordered a bunch of  warhorse bits from the War Altar kit. But then, that bland armor just didnt seem sexy enough, and the demigryph knights have those dashing slash and puff sleeves! So the end result will be this:

Its best to glue the torso straight to the horse first, then the legs can be manipulated to look best and rank up properly more easily. Gonna have to grab as many of these bits as I can afford before it becomes harder to find GW bits online.


Michael Butcher said...

Now that is cool...

Domus said...

Super Sexy horse ya got there.

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