Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adepticon Mid-War Tournament | FOW

Recovering from the Adepticon Wargaming Hangover...

Here are some shots from the Friday morning FOW Mid-War 1000 point tournament. Actually this shows the Early War U.S. Nationals signing in, etc.  Both events were held in the same room. Of course as I stumbled in the room I managed to somehow check into the wrong event. Figured it out when I looked at the armies being set up. Doah!

John Stentz, Jeff Baxendale, and cool guy I met that I can't remember his name waiting to mix it up in the Nationals. Sorry cool guy, I'm old and forgetful.

My 1000 points of GenadierKompanie goodness. The tanks are StuH 42s which I thought fit the infantry support role. Selected a themed and historically based list, little did I know I had brought a knife to a gun fight in this "beginner friendly" tournament. Now, I am pretty a noob. I played Soviets in all three games, went 1-2 overall and won Best Axis Army.

Close up on the StuH 42s.  First attempt at airbrushing, [side note, working on some late war Panthers and IMHO they turning out much better] I will probably go back and rewash them the add more definition. 

Game One vs. Soviet Inf. Company Supported by Heavy Mortars, 3 SU 85s and no less than 4 KV1 Flame Tanks.  I really had no idea how to handle this, and it went pretty much how I predicted.

The KV1s might as well have been King Tigers, I had absolutely nothing for them.

The SU 85s had a field day

KV1s rolled up and flamed me to death. Did manage to kill one with the CMD Panzerknacker TM.  Hmmmm...Loss.

Game 2 vs Soviets Infantry Company supported by the most field guns I have ever seen [with volley-fire, which means they reroll misses...]. Good Player, ended up winning the tournament.

Oh yeah... Army was very well painted and had very clever objective markers and lighted destroyed markers.

Deployment [we had plts in reserves].  Fun game, I managed to kill some guns before I cut volleyed to death.  Once again I had no idea how to attack this with what I had on the table.

Game 3 vs. Soviet Armored Company of lend-lease Shermans and Lees. I did not get photos because I was tired and forgot, Sigh.   This time I knew exactly what to do as we doing the "Fighting Withdrawl" scenario and I was defending. I dug in the infantry and managed to destroy one Plt with the StuH 42s and then motor them across the board to hold up the remaining Armor to steal the win.

Meanwhile... Giant Successors Hail Caesar game in progress.

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Kelly said...

Nice looking army! I keep toying around, thinking of trying out FoW. I've been doing lots of research on the eastern front at the moment, and I think it'd be fun to start an army. Where does one get started in FoW?

DeanM said...

Looks like everyone enjoying the FoW tourney - that Soviet played sounded like he had a killer army. The HC game had some nice looking terrain. Best, Dean

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