Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wood Elf Wild Riders

When we decided to do a Narnia themed army the very first unit I came up with was converted Centaurs which fulfill the role of the Wild Riders.  I purposely didn't want them to be a straight copy of the Centaurs seen in the movies (that's been done before) as I didn't want to lock myself into the Narnia theme permanently.  This unit would work perfectly in any Wood Elf army, regardless of theme.  Ironically, the unit also was the most significant conversion and was the last unit finished for Adepticon.  

My first step was to find wild rider bodies and horses to make the conversions. I was lucky to find 4 bodies and 6 horses for cheap on Ebay.  In the end I decided to add wolves to the unit rather than pay ridiculous prices to round out the 6 man unit (thanks to the bits dealer at ACon I now have the extra 2 bodies needed to finish the unit).

Using screenshots from the movie I determined the correct proportions for the conversions.  I connected the 2 pieces together at the right height using brass rod.  I took me several tries to get the height to look just right.  I then created the muscles over the brass rod using Apoxie Sculpt. 

With the models together I then had to remove the saddle, which turned out to be no small task.  I used a combination of hobby knives and sanding sticks.  To get the back even smoother I applied Apoxie Sculpt in a very thin consistency prior to a final sanding.  

Here are a few shots of the completed models after being washed and waiting for paint.

Unfortunately, I painted these guys up in a bit of a rush so I don't have any WIP of the paint.  But here are a few shots of the completed unit along with 2 wolves added to fill it out to 6 strong.

In the end I'm super happy with how these came out and I can see myself adding more of these guys down the road if my Wood Elf army is expanded.


Hoodling said...

Interesting that you chose to use Wood Elves for a Narnia-themed list. When I came out of the movie I had decided that Beastmen would be the best fit. I think I was a little taken with the Minotaurs in the film, though.

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