Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wood Elf Eagles (LOTR Models)

Sometimes timing is everything as I was very fortunate to see the release of the LOTR eagles just prior to starting on the Wood Elf Army.  At $50 for 2 it may seem a bit steep, but not when you compare against the alternative it's actually quite good.  Putting these models together were a pure pleasure as they were modeled in such a way that most of the seams were cleverly hidden by other parts of the model.  These 2 eagles were the very first units completed for the Wood Elf army.

Early on I decided to make bases that looked like rock formation upon which the eagles could be magnetized.  This made it much easier for storage and transportation.  I simply added a 1/4" disc magnet in the bottom of the eagle by drilling a small hole.  I then added a second magnet to the top of the bases.

 Painting was a breeze as it was 90% done with dry brushes.  While I used eagle photos as reference I purposefully decided to not paint them exactly like an eagle you could see in the wild today.  To heighten the fantasy look I added some black feathers which broke up the wall of feathers.  

In the end I'm very happy with the result and they will look great in any Wood Elf army I field down the road!


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