Monday, April 22, 2013

Team Descpicable We - Caius & Domus - Adepticon Team Tournament

Photos of our Team Tournament Army from Adepticon.  More Wips and discussion of how, and why, we made the army coming later.


Core Units
Infernal Guard


SkavenSlaves (2 units)

Gutter Runners (3 units of 7)

Deathshrieker Rocket Launchers (2)

Magma Cannon

Dreadquake Mortar

Warp Lightning Cannon


Thanks to everyone for all of the positive feedback!  We were truly humbled and absolutely overwhelmed by all of the comments and spectators the army attracted.

I will be creating more posts over the next week or so detailing how we created the army and as many WIP pictures as possible.



Erik said...

I completely love the army! This is thinking out side the box =)

Michael Butcher said...

OMG awesome!

PsychosisPC said...

Good to see you Domus. Loved the army that you and Caius had.

Simon Quinton said...

Lightbulb! Awesome looking army!

Bloomfield Cricket Club said...

Wow - just amazing

Unknown said...

Love the re-purposing of the Millennium Falcon bits. Did you guys kit-bash this stuff yourself or did it come from somewhere else?

Caius said...

My giant box of bits - had Falcon parts from a plastic kit that got crunched some years ago.

Darri Tomasson said...

I agree with this. I agree with this on so many levels. The Empire State Building has NOTHING on the levels I agree with this army.

chris said...

I jumped from 1 link to another to another so glad I did, what a great army, please tell us how you did them.

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