Saturday, April 27, 2013

Susan Pevensie - Wood Elf Noble

To lead my army and to support the Narnia theme I created this character model to represent Susan. 

To create Susan I used a standard Glade Guard female body.  I mounted the model a bit higher than on a base from Micro Arts Studio to make her stand out a bit more from the rest of the Glade Guard unit.  

For the head I used a Wood Elf head with hair sculpted on with Pro-Create.  I'm not the best sculptor but I think the pony tail turned out pretty good.

Finally I added a quiver on her back and a horn (not shown in the pic below) to round out the character.

I quickly painted her up taking the color queues from the movie though I did take some liberties to make her pop a little more.   I'm really happy with she turned out and look forward to seeing her on the table for many years to come.


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