Saturday, April 27, 2013

Plastic (Stock) Great Bray Shaman

These new GW plastic character models are super sweet, and anyone with a set of functioning eyeballs in their head will tell you. I really love this model.
He's completely unconverted.
The colors are almost entirely the same as I did on the rest of the Beastmen, as you can tell by looking at him.
The skin tones were something a bit new for me. The basecoat for the skin was done with the old GW Desert Yellow color. It was then washed, but not too heavily, with my last pot of Devlan Mud. After that it was highlighted with Desert Yellow, Bleached Bone, and finally (very lightly!) with white.
I really pushed it on the blues. I wanted the blends to be as seamless as they could be, to see if I could pull it off. It took forever, but the result was excellent.
The cloak was done with two of the skin tones that I used on the rest of the Beasts. The darker of the three colors is something new that I tried, in tones complementary to those of the others. All three of these colors make use of Graveyard Earth, in one way or another.
I really should have painted this guy before assembling him. It was a real hassle to paint once built, because of how dynamic it is. Make sure you note that should you paint one of these new GW kits.
That's it for now. Hopefully I can stay focused on other projects now, and let the Beasts lie for a while. No promises there though, as the flying Doombull is currently chilling on the paint table.


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