Monday, April 29, 2013

On creating Despicable We .... part 1

As promised, my next few posts will cover the process used by Caius and I to create the Despicable We army we used in our Adepticon Team Tournament.

To begin I should start with a bit of history.  Caius & I first joined forces for the Adepticon Team Tournament back in 2007.  It was very important to both of us to build an army for the event together.  This meant we couldn't just take 1000 pts of our existing armies and mash em up.  Basing had to match.  They had to be themed the same.  I was building an autumn themed Wood Elf army for the main Adepticon event and using pumpkins on the basing and Caius built a goblin force to match.  Team Trick or Tree was born and we were blessed with a tourneys choice award for our efforts.

You can see more images of this army here .

Without a clear inspiration we took off the 2008 Team Tournament.

We spent the year chatting and finally developed another themed army we both wanted to work on together.  In 2009 we came back with Team Big Brothers, Little Sisters and were blessed again with a Tourney's Choice award.

You can see more images of this army here

And then the draught hit.  Fighting numerous personal obstacles, edition changes, and a general lack of inspiration Caius & I talked about numerous army ideas but didn't really get serious again until the fall of 2012.  We spent many nights playing Magic(the Gathering) and board games while discussing various theme ideas we could use to create a new army.   While we have about 4 army theme ideas in our pocket from previous discussions we never felt passionate enough about any of them to do the work.

December 2012 hit and I began work on a Dark Elf army for Waaaghpaca.  Slaving away through the month I was running out of time.  In January 2013 I enlisted Caius to come help and cut out my cork for my display board to save me some time.  We were discussing army themes and still found nothing for our muse.  We then were talking our various Christmas parties - Caius mentioned that at his work party there were no less than 8 copies exchanged of the same exact movie.  The movie - Despicable Me.  We were talking about the minions and how we both loved them and then it just kind of hit us upside the head and soon we were grinning at each other like total fools.  Our theme had been found.  As usual, we swerved into it with all of the skill of a blind lady driving a cadillac.

Discussions began about how to model them.  My son used to play with a toy called Mighty Beanz which were roughly in the pill shape of minons.  Caius set out and found some and did some initial scultps.  His inital tests using the Mighty Beanz were that the models were far too big.

Caius, being a fellow who is not easily defeated, then set about custom sculpting the minions.  He used neoprene washers as the base (to ensure the halves were the same size) and then used a combination of milliput and greenstuff to create the minions.   The next step was to create a mold.

The minion halves were attached to plasticard (using rubber cement). 

A lego wall was created around the originals to hold in the mold making material.

The mold materials were mixed and then poured.  We used OOMOO molding rubber from a smooth-on starter kit we had received as prize support from a prior Adepticon.

After the mold setup resin casts were made.  A lot of clean up was required.

The two halves were then assembled.

In some cases an arm was added using wire.  The hands were added, as needed, using greenstuff.

For the bases, we simply started with GW 20mm bases.  We added textured plasticard and strips to create unique patterns.  Caius sculpted feet onto the plasticard itself.  We then molded and cast these.  They did require quite a lot of sanding.

So that is how our minion army got started.  Massive props to Caius for creating these bad little boys.  Since I was in a bit of a warhammer funk he took on quite a lot of the project and the lions share of credit is due to him.  You can see his blog where he paints a lot of pre-slotta citadel miniatures here.



Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! You guys have set the bar high for next year!!

Kyle S. said...

Hah. Nice use of an old Z-Bot as a walker.

Unknown said...

hey guys, exellent post this has made me want to make my own sculpted army (big minions for a ogre army me thinks) but did you use OOMOO molding rubber for both the mold and for pouring into the mold to make the minis? im just kind of confused and i dont want to end up buying the wrong stuff

my thanks

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