Friday, April 26, 2013

Mr Tumnus and the Glade Guard

Playing Wood Elves meant that I would at least have to have one unit of Glade Guard.  As a natural bunker for my Wood Elf Noble (Susan) it would also give me a place to include Mr. Tumnus, serving as the unit's musician.  It turned out to be the signature unit in the army that most folks can easily identify as Narnia.

I first started this unit by converting up Mr. Tumnus using an Ungor body and a Brettonian Knights Errant head (un helmeted).  I then created the ears, horns, hair (on head and down his back) and the signature scarf with Procreate.  His musical instrument was added much later using brass rod covered by a bit of Procreate.  He was mounted on a resin base from Micro Arts Studio to make him a bit taller and separate him from the rest of the unit.  I should point out that all the non-character bases are resin bases from Forgecraft Games.  I find their bases to be of a decent quality and their prices are some of the cheapest on the net.  I can't recommend them enough. 

My original plan was to create the whole unit of Glade Guard in the same style of Mr. Tumnus, that is to say converted Fauns.  But Mr.Tumnus took so long that I opted to go with a basic Satyr unit using the Ungor kit.  There was only a small bit of conversion required to remove some of the "chaosy" decorations adorning the Ungors.  I built one model at a time ensuring that each model fit exactly where it needed to.  The standard was made from Procreate and topped with a bit from the Dryad kit.

In the end I'm super happy with how this unit came out and look forward to fielding it again in the future!


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