Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet Nabroleon

I'm a Minnesota boy, born and raised (where the winters are cold, the women unshaven, and the beer expensive).  I graduated from a small liberal arts college in the Twin Cities and have been kicking around there ever since.

This is actually really tan for me--Florida beaches will do that.

I wasn't always a gaming nerd, but I got into miniatures around my early teens (12 or 13).  Just like the Rodge, I found this shit to be pretty expensive, so I could only play one game: Warhammer 40,000.  I started as many 40k players start--little to no concern about the hobby and total concern over winning.  So, I threw together a shitty Dark Eldar army (I painted them camo. Like, completely, no other details, camo) and started punishing local tournaments. And punish them I did.

Then I met this handsome fella in college:

So much love it hurts.
 Mr. Kevin "Ruins" Bruins. He introduced me to Warhammer Fantasy and I started being awesome.  It was the typical love story: Boy meets boy. Boy introduces boy to sweet miniatures game. Boy and boy spend many evenings "playing miniatures" together.

So, while WFB is my main game these days, I also have started slowly working towards a WH40k Chaos Space Marines army (the complete opposite of my original DEldar--all hobby and no chance for winning due to an over-reliance on Khorne), I've spent some time playing Warma/Hordes, have some Warhammer Ancients stuff, and dabble in various board games, from Settlers of Catan to Legendary/Dominion, to X-Wing. But mostly I just find time for Fantasy, since trying to be legit with painting takes forever.  I've been rockin' the WoC wolf army lately, but I'll be moving on to the High Elves with the new book.

As of now, I don't run any tournaments or do anything cool like that, but look for that to change in the future.  Ruins and I are planning something sweet.  In the meantime, you'll likely see me stomping around various Midwest tournaments (Northstar, Waaaghpaca, Blood in the Sun, etc).  More likely than not, I'll be hanging with these bros:

SkullBrosAwesome: Sambo, me, Ruins, Roder, and Broeska. Fuck we're crusty.
Besides gaming, I've got a ton of other interests.  I spend a lot of time hanging out with students and developing programs on campus.  I also love MN Twins games, playing softball/basketball/anything, traveling when I can, building shit out of wood, hitting up local places for beers and apps, and picking up random skills off of YouTube (I'm currently on lockpicking, but hope to move on to guitar playing next).  Running/lifting/boxing is also a big part of my life and I try to devote at least 2 hours a day at the Temple of Brodin.  I'm also a writer as you can probably tell (yes, you can look forward to some very verbose posts from me in the future).

If you see me at a Warhammer event and want to get on my good side, I enjoy beer and hugs. Not necessarily in that order.


Rogers said...

Welcome boner!

Unknown said...

Bro, you lift.

Ryan said...

Gotta love the mint green! Man you guys make this hobby look good =)

Nabroleon said...

So much sex in one picture.

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