Sunday, April 7, 2013

Medieval English Finished | WAB

Finished my Medieval British for Adepticon WAB Singles.  A bit rushed, but they'll do for tabletop IMHO.  I really like the look of the army overall, I may have to do a War of the Rose or English army with the Perry Plastics down the road.
Anyhoo, all figures are Perry's aside from one or two claymore castings figs that snuck in.
Technique: Block Color, Min-Wax, highlight and...Bob's Your Uncle

Here are some shots of the army on my cheesy carrying tray, be kind.


DeanM said...

Really nice army, Michael. BTW, Pat and I just got back from Vancouver, B.C. Pat played in a WFB tournament there. I watched, but might start on an Empire army - never played WFB, but it looked like fun. Best, Dean

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks Dean

Dannoc said...

Fantastic paint job and really love how they are displayed - I'll have to remember the picture frame and the Cross of St George.

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