Monday, April 8, 2013

Adepticon Team Tourney - Skaven Warmachines

Spent more time working on the Adepticon Team Tourney army over the weekend with Caius.  It was a beautiful day and almost a crime to be inside.  So we left the door open and enjoyed the birds chirping.

Anywhoo - how about some WIPS? 

Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon

Skaven Doomwheel

Any guesses as to what was used as the core component for this model?  :-)

These are simply primed and dusted - with a bit of painting on the WLC but no real efforts yet.  I had to 'hide' some of the pics so as not to reveal our theme yet.  Keeping that surprise for Adepticon.

Models in the Army = 121
Models Completed = 70
51 to go!!!!

The last big push is on and we are racing to the end so we don't end up in the hotel Thursday night painting.

Scratch building these toys has been one of the most joyous tasks of this project.  We've both worked together on the design process and had tons of input and suggestions for each others designs but in the end
we each built one of the toys.

This has been one of the most fun projects I have worked on in quite a while.   We can't wait to have fun and silliness with it at Adepticon.



Caleb said...

They both look like they've got bits of the millennium falcon to me. (Star wars theme?)

Domus said...

There are some falcon bits used yes. As to the theme, well Friday is the day.

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