Monday, April 22, 2013

Adepticon Quick Update

Updating my last post after the weekend. Great to see folks I haven't seen for a while and catch up. It was an awesome (and tiring) weekend.

Thurs PM | Hail Caesar Match Play
-running Saxons, I have the most rudimentary understanding of HC.
>Fun Game, maybe not my cup of tea though. Went 1 and 1.  Good time for sure though.

Fri AM | Mid-War FOW
-running a freshly painted Grenadierkompanie.
>Toooooo Many Russians for me to deal with my little in Comparison german force (played soviets all three games) Went 1-2, won best axis force though, whooot!

Fri PM | Hastings Redux Mega game
-GM'ing and playing Saxons. Close to 20K of minis on 4' X 16' of sweet modular terrain. Check it out if you can and say hello.
>This was freaking awesome. Mark made a wonderful table for us the fight over. The Saxons won the day (and not because I was GM'ing ;) ). Looking forward to next years big game already.

Sat | WAB Singles
-running freshly painted [and as yet unused] Medieval British. What could go wrong.
>Well and lot could go wrong. Went 1-1-1.  Good times and fun games each time for sure. Need to revise the list a bit and I think they will fair better.

Sun | WAB Doubles
-defending our title with Shawn Welte. We are running Saxons/Vikings.
>Didn't win overall, but did pull off Best General with Shawn.  Huzzah!

I have tons of pictures that I wll post up over the upcoming days.

Thanks for looking.


DeanM said...


It definitely sounds like a busy, and very enjoyable, weekend. Someday I will have to attend this event. Congrats on your wins and also for the great Hastings games. Best, Dean

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