Sunday, April 28, 2013

A couple Wisco boys check out the UK

A couple weeks ago, Hastings and I headed over to the UK to check out the South Coast GT. The event was great and the people were awesome! Afterwards, we headed up to Nottingham and then back down to London before we left.

Super big thanks to everyone who helped us out before, during, and after the event! There were so many people who helped out. The support was overwhelming!

Here are some pics of our travels. We did not take too many pics at the event, but they should prove interesting nonetheless!

Before the tournament, Crispy Rick and the Ben Diesel were kind enough to show us around the area.

This castle was awesome!


It was great meeting the Heelanhammer boys!

  And the Black Sun boys!

Finished Daemon army on the tea tray!

Daemons took home first place in appearance! 13th overall.

Tradition English Breakfast!

Fish 'n Chips!

Bangers and Mash! This was my favorite meal of the trip!

After the tourney, we headed up to Nottingham!



Home of the myth of Robin Hood!

Couple of nerds at Warhammer World!

Big thanks to Kieran who let us stay at his place in Nottingham and carted us around!

All kinds of 'artifacts' in Bugmans.

Very cool gaming area!

Holy shit! I've never seen these trees with leaves!

All the figs from the army books!

After Nottingham, we headed back to London to check out some sites, including the British Museum.


These words saved our lives countless times.

Tower of London!

Overall, the trip was great! Episodes 82 and 83 of Point Hammered will detail our experiences at the tournament and the country overall, so check those out!


Johnny Hastings said...

Good write up buddy!

Michael Butcher said...

'effing awesome!

Hayne Begley said...

I miss proper bangers and mash, rashers and Curry Sauce!

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