Friday, March 1, 2013

Tomb King Bases

Over the last week I've had a couple of blog posts related to resin bases.  To give you folks that don't want to go that route some other ideas I've got a quick tutorial on how I created my bases for my Tomb Kings.  Below is a step by step showing how I created a set of interlocking chariot bases.
To start you will need an a few different materials.  I've used two GW products plus a custom blend of craft sand and ballast.  The trick is to use textures that vary in size and shape so that when they are all applied together you can pick each of them out.  

Step one is to hack up the polystyrene sheets to make them fit on the bases.  I also added cracks and breaks that span multiple bases.  Glue everything down using plastic cement and let dry overnight.

Next I added the first wave of textures and used some Apoxie Sclupt to add small bumps on the surface of the base.

Finally I added few resin Egyptian styled columns across the bases and added the final layer of texture. After a spray of primer it will be ready for paint. 


Erik said...

I am wondering how you make those notch/incision? Because they really visible and easy to see.

retroalias said...

The square pattern in the plastic sheets comes that way. The other cracks and gaps were made with spruce cutters and an exacta knife. I just carved into the plastic and cut the corners and edges with spruce cutters. I then glued some of the clipped pieces back down to show the tile breaking away.

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