Sunday, March 3, 2013

On the Road to Cathay? | WHFB

so...WHFB fever has set in.  I love ancients, but I need a break from painting them. Plus I love to do Conversions.  I picked up the new Deamons book, looks like I need to make some units to fully bring my Nurgle Army out of retirement. Some new furies, GUO, Plague Drones, etc. Will have to clean/update the bases a bit.

What to do for a new army.

Years ago, I did some Asian Themed conversions for a client. I always liked how they looked (I'd like to think I'd do better now though...).  IMHO the theme is a nice fit for ogres.

Rhinox Riders. 


Not quite sure where I was going on these...  Note the Gnoblars... 

Butcher and Bulls. 
Next new army ?  Cathay. This will be fun. Will be doing a little cross blogging/challenge with master painter Kelly Kim (check out his Blog: Sable and Spray) who will be making his "Spirit Dragons" Samurai Space Marine Chapter. His concept won the GW "design a space marine chapter" contest years ago.  Sweet...

Spirit Dragon (image "stolen" from CMON) by Kelly Kim
More to follow late Spring.

Back to the pit, need to finish Adepticon Models still.

as always, thanks for looking


jugger said...

Great idea, wanna see what you come up with! A lot of conversion possibilities for sure. Great work as always Mike!

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