Monday, March 25, 2013

Ohio Sized Display Board

This is a quick post to show how I've got on building a large display board (36" x 24") for Andrew Sherman (of Ohiohammer).  As some followers may know I've infamously traded a display board for a partner for the the Adepticon Team Event. As Andy runs a rather large Empire army we decided on a large board to accommodate big point games along with enough display real estate to handle team events.   What's nice about this board is it afforded me an opportunity to experiment with a few new materials and techniques before I get on with building my own Adepticon display board.

For the base of the display board I used plywood supported by materials typically used in wooden crates.  This created a very sturdy (albeit heavy) foundation for the rest of the board.  Using wood glue I attached strips of high density polystyrene foam (various thicknesses) to build up the display board from front to back.   I then taped everything up and let it dry overnight.

Next I rounded over the edges of the foam by hand using sand paper.  

I formed the road running down the middle of the board with a palm sander.  I started with 100 grit sandpaper and increased grit until I had a smooth finish.  I cleaned up the rough edges by hand with sand paper. 

I added course builders sand heavily along the road as well as sporadically over the entire board.  This gives off the appearance of a dirt road and gives a good texture for dry brushing. 


Having heard many rave of the product I figured it was high time that I give Sculptimold a try.  Heavily used by model railroaders to create rock formations I tracked down a bag at my local Hobbytown after striking out and Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

I covered the horizontal surfaces with several layers of scultimold to break of the flat areas and give a decent texture for dry brushing.  Along the 1/2" steps I created a simple cliff facing.  Turns out that I am now a big fan of scultimold as it's dead simple to use (just add water) and you  have a decent working time to get the look just how you want it.  A few warnings - don't mix up too much material as a little bit goes a long way.  For rock formations it's best to just pile it and use clay sharpers to texture/form the sculptimold.  Finally be careful how thick you make each layer.  The cliff facings were done in one go and took over a week to dry out completely.  

I painted the entire surface of the board using craft paint applied with a dry brush. The entire board was painted burnt umber and dry brushed with nutmeg brown.  The road was then given additional dry brushes of Golden Brown, Spice Brown and AC Flesh.  The rock formations were carefully base coated in Dark Gray and highlighted with Gray followed by a light dry brush of White.  Finally the edge was painted Black.

In the next installment I will show how I added  texture to the board to finish it up.  


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