Friday, March 29, 2013

Medieval English Banners WIP | WAB

Hmmph, I can't freehand a straight line to save my life, too old I guess.  In light of my limitations, I went with a simple Scheme for the the Army's Banners. 

The Green Banner is a simplification of Sir Thomas Erpingham's (who marshaled the archers at Agincourt as well as some campaigning in Scotland prior) heraldry (and left a little vague on purpose as I don't fell like getting beat up by the hard core history folks :). 

The Black/White banner is for my Low Country Pike unit. 

The Archer's banners will go in one of the veteran archer units in addition to the ubiquitous St. George's Cross. 

All banners are PVA stiffened painted paper. Made templates in illustrator, quick and easy to do

Thanks for looking... 


DeanM said...

They look great; looking forward to seeing the troops. BTW, will Erpinham's banner get birdies around the shield? Best, Dean

Michael Butcher said...

Thanks, likely no birds (unless I have a tonne of time :)) before adepticon. I had trouble making them look the same (or even close)and just gave up for now. I do have a spare pattern ready, so I may give it a go. I do think it would look better with the full design. Darn it, now I feel I have too, thanks a lot Dean ;).

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