Friday, March 1, 2013

Dwarf Miners (The First 5)

Here's an update for anyone that's keeping up on my Dwarf side project. I've finished the first 5 Miner models, and I'm about to start on the Hammerers.
One thing that I really dig about this color scheme is how much it pops. The greens, the purples, the silver metals, and even the lighter tones on the beards contribute to the effect. It's so bright, and colorful; it  captures an excellent sense of Fantasy.

Once again I have to say how nice it is to paint up something different! These guys were a lot of fun to work on.
That isn't meant to imply that there weren't a few tedious moments in there. Chief among them were the white metals, skin tones, and the gems on the unit champ. Those are the parts that seemed to drag on, and really hurt the motivation!
Other than those few color tones though, I really enjoyed working on these.
Despite the somewhat static poses on some of them, I have to say that I really like the Battle for Skull Pass Miner models. I was a bit unsure on them when I started, but I've really warmed up to the sculpts. Also, they paint up a bit quicker than those old metal fellas. That's partially because the details are less intricate.
Those old metal Miner models do have a ton of character though. They look much more gruff, and rugged, than the BFSP ones do.
Here's a detailed shot of the unit champion's pick ax. I put extra effort into him, by doing all the gems like that. It was one of the only ways that I could think of to get some of the purples onto the model, since he's mostly chainmail. After I clear-coated him, I went back and hit them with some brush on gloss varnish. That's why they look so shiny in the pics. On a related note, I also went back and brushed gloss on the candles flames post-varnish.
Time to start on the Hammerers. I suspect they'll take a bit longer than these fellas did, since I have to paint up their shields as well. Hopefully I can keep the motivation going!


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