Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dwarf Hammerers

I've finally finished the 5 Hammerers I've been working on for the last three or four weeks, giving me a total of 30 painted.
I must admit that my motivation is very low for painting at the moment. I went from putting in 2 to 3 hours most days, to putting in only 30 to 45 minutes each day. If I'm going to meet my June goals, then I'd really better pick up the pace! A decent part of the motivation problem occurred because I ran out of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes to watch. Perhaps when I get into a new show, things'll pick up again.

 I painted these guys completely from memory, without even looking at the ones I did earlier. Somehow that color scheme is lodged in my brain forever.

I didn't enjoy painting these fellas nearly as much as I did the 5 Miners I did before this. I think because most of the Miners were newer plastic models from the Skull Pass box set. The detail on those plastics is much less than it is on these metals, and that makes them much easier to paint. For instance: the creases on the gloves and faces are very distinct on the Hammerers, versus the Miners. That distinction makes the Hammerers more effort to paint.
 I likely would have tried a technique other than drybrushing on the beards if the entire rest of the regiment didn't have that very unique look. I'm not overly pleased with how that drybrush technique looks when finished, but I'm stuck with it here.

I spent a whole week just painting those shields. It's nice to focus on something small like that; as it's a good way to pay close attention to your painting style, and try to improve upon it. I ended up putting more time into them than I should have, but it was a good exercise.
 Color-wise, these models were painted older Citadel/GW paints. The greens are your standard Dark Angels Green, Snot Green, and Goblin Green (in that order). The purples are Imperial Purple, Liche Purple, and Tentacle Pink (with some mixes in there).
 I notice a definite difference in the quality of these models, versus the rest of the unit. My blending skills have definitely improved, as has my ability to deal with weird little details (the purple armor edges for instance).

Next up: The second 5 Miners, or maybe the Organ Gun. I've done a bit of work on the Organ Gun already, but I find that black-lining technique to be extremely brain numbing...


Bloomfield Cricket Club said...

Look fantastic - the freehand banner is extremely good.

Jampire said...

I just finished a unit of Hammerers myself using the same combination of greens from GW. Looks nice sir.

PsychosisPC said...

Star Trek: The Next Generation....sheeesh.... that would be enough to kill any motivation, that would be like torture.

Gremper's Ghost said...

Nice colors! William and Mary's green, gold and silver work well for Dwarf regiments, IMHO. Now if you could just switch the purple to a maroon-y shade, you could tap into UChicago moral dwarfs, like Milton Friedman & co.

Oh, btw, no Midsomer Murders or Inspector Lewis? Great painting backgrounds, in my experience.

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