Monday, March 11, 2013

Adepticon Team Tourney Prep

Adepticon is coming in just a few weeks and the mad rush to complete a new Team Tournament army has begun.

I'm thrilled to say my traditional Acon TT partner Caius Jennison has come out of retirement for this event.  He has mostly stopped playing Warhammer but still enjoys modeling and painting.

This year we have decided again to create a new and heavily themed army.  We've also decided we want to have nothing but fun so have decided to not focus at all on being competitive and instead to build fun toys.  We just want to have fun and bring fun games to each of our opponents.

We have completed 2 very heavily themed armies for the team tournament in the past. 
Team Trick or Tree - Goblins & Wood Elves
Team Big Brother Little Sister - Ogres & Empire

We have also decided to approach this task as "Challenge mode" for ourselves and we are custom creating all the bases and models to be used in the army.  Smooth On resin is being used in large amounts to cast models and bases.

I will be posting teaser pics occasionally as we prepare.  We may or may not reveal the theme before Adepticon.  No Promises!

Bases - Here are some Wip pics of all the bases laid out for our army.  One of them has a test color scheme on it.  Lots of sanding was involved as all of the bases required the bottoms sanded to be consistent.



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