Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adepticon 2013 WAB Hastings Redux Terrain | Update

If you get chance, stop by Baddogz Engineering to see what Mark has been up to for the Terrain Board for the Hastings Redux WAB game, Friday night at Adepticon.

Makes me want to have a Guinness... 
River still needs to be painted and edges touched up, but you can get the gist of it. You can also see the insets where a large or small bridge can go (large bridge for Adepticon), making the board very flexible.

I've been behind on blogging Mark's progress on this awesome 16' X 4' modular board, it is really something to see as it is shaping up. Wood framed foam sections that can be arranged in numerous combinations.  They will bolt together frame to create a stable playing surface.

All this from a sketch I made.

Mark can take a map or sketch and build you accurate terrain in any scale. Dude (as I date myself) has mad skills. 'nuff said. If you are looking for some truly unique or historically accurate terrain, talk to Mark.

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DeanM said...


Just catching up after the trip; very, very nice work. BTW, Pat and I visited this very spot. Lots of sheep grazing over the battlefield now. However, the feeling is still heavy of the great battle there. Dean

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