Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Return of Karak Einherjar (Project Interruption)

I've spoken about an upcoming interruption to my Bull Ogre progress, so here's the info. The boys and I have signed up for the Bragging Rights tourney. It goes down in June, out in Hartford, CT. It's a 4 man team tourney, styled after the ETC. Since we already had a Beastmen player, I was delegated to either Dwarfs or Ogres.

After some discussion, it was decided that I should go Dwarfs. I'm more comfortable with them, and they have the potential to hold their points well. That's a good thing in the ETC style team tourney, or so I'm told.
There's  a pic of the models that I have to do up to get ready for the event. That's 5 Hammerers, 10 Miners, a Runelord, an Organ Gun, 3 movement tray extensions for my Warrior and Hammerer blocks, 2 movement trays for the Miner units, and a base for the Organ Gun to match my old school ones.

I'm not sure how long this interruption will take me, but it'll likely be a month (maybe 2). I'll keep the blog updated on my progress.

I'm definitely disappointed by this interruption. It, along with a few vacations between now and then, means that I won't be getting the Bull Ogres done for BitSIII in late June. Meh.

The current plan is to bust out these Dwarfs, and in the meantime continue some of the conversion work on the remaining Bull Ogres. Once the Dwarfs are done I will focus on finishing the Bull Ogre conversions, and I'll paint up the flying Doombull that I recently posted. That'll let me play a flying Doombull Beastmen build at BitS, which I'm really excited about. Hopefully mixing up the list like that will make them more entertaining.

Once the flying Doomy is finished, it's back to full time work on the Bull Ogres.

I don't know if this plan will hold up, but that's the direction I'm in for now.


Unknown said...

Does your team have ogres on another player?

Ogres hold their points well too and can play a lot more expansively than dwarfs. In an 8 player team dwarfs have their place in a 4 player team you're far better off with 4 armies which attempt to smash the opposition off the table than 1 defensive army, you simply can't manage the matchups such to get the dwarfs the right opposition.

redmanphill said...

Good luck getting them done!

Johnny Hastings said...

Just looked back at this. Lol. Finally finished this lot on March 29th, 2014! That's a year and 2 months or so. Sounds about right for how fast I do things.

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