Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ghorgon Iron Blaster Conversion Done

Worf is all set for primer and paint!
I just double checked the date that I started this conversion. It was early November, 2012. LOL. That's nearly 4 months of building time.

I remember making a crazy prediction when I started him, that it would take like 6 weeks to build him. Geez, was I off a bit.
As you can see, he's come quite a log way. He's really going to be an incredibly unique model as an Iron Blaster, or a Ghorgon!

In a few of the pics above you'll notice that the base has been painted white. That's actually brush on primer. I'm getting ready to add the gravel to the base. I always brush on the primer, add the gravel with PVA (white, Elmer's) glue, then seal it with more PVA glue, and then prime the whole model. I've found that otherwise, paint doesn't stick to the PVA sealed base gravel very well.
 I ended up adding several extra bits to spice the model up. Most of them were random bitz from the Ghorgon kit. Anything with a skull on it came from there.
 The sheep is from the old school metal Giant kit. The bag full of cannon balls is custom, as you can see. After the below pic was taken, I sculpted some manhood on him. It really didn't look complete without something hanging down there.
 The spear on his base is from the Ghorgon kit as well. It was originally a part of his back hair.
I added the dangly skulls to his back fur to break it up a bit. He isn't very exciting to look at from that angle, and those helped quite a bit.
I hate to think about how long this fella is going to take for me to paint up. Needless to say, it'll take a few months.

Here's a few shots of his little Ungor helper. This guy is still a WIP. He'll be attached to the base somewhere. His job is to point out dropped cannon balls, before the Ghorgon goes bat-crap-crazy and starts beating enemies with that cannon. The Ungor has no chance of lifting one of those cannon balls himself, but he's still trying his very best to move them about.
That pitchfork bit he's holding is from the plastic Giant kit. The Ungor is one of the old-school metal ones, with his arms repositioned.

That's it for now. I'm not sure if I'll post WIP shots of the painting of this big fella or not. I might, just to show how a project on this scale comes together. Honestly though, I'm not really sure how I'm going to go about all that at this point!

Worf out...


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