Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flying Bases

I've never been a big fan of the stock GW flying bases.  Not only do they typically break very easily, I find it hard to make them blend into the rest of my army basing.  As I've jumped into a brand new army for Adepticon Team Event I decided that custom magnetized flying bases were in order.  Here is how I went about it (note - pictures of both bases are included below).

Starting with the same Forgecraft Games resin bases I used in the rest of the army I drilled a hole in the center of the base and glued a brass rod in place.  I then built up a series of telescoping polystyrene tubs around the brass rod to create the armature for what comes next. The inner diameter of the inner tube was just right to mount a rare earth magnet  I also mounted a matching magnet on the underside of the model.

 Next I built up the base using using Apoxie Sculpt.  With lots of water and only my fingers I massaged the putty into something that closely resembles a rock formation.   I then left it to dry before adding on additional layers.

Here is one of the bases almost completed.  Turns out that as long as you are willing to go slow  and let each layer dry it's actually quite easy to turn out a decent result.

Here are the completed bases with paint and texture. 


angrypearl said...

an excellent idea! I will definitely borrow (read "steal") this for my own projects. Thank you

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