Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dwarf Runelord (& Movement Trays)

There's been progress on the Dwarfs over the last few weeks. The Runelord, and all of the movement trays are finished.
This little fella seemed to paint up way faster than any of the Beastmen that I've been painting lately. He's also been a very refreshing break from painting the same Beastmen color scheme. I got a little bogged down when working on the multitude of metal detail on him, but it was nothing like the way I get bogged down (read: disheartened) when doing the skin on a Bull Ogre.
I used a rather limited palatte on this guy. That was partially to be consistent with the my older Dwarf models, so he'll fit in nicely with the army. In terms of basecoat colors, there were only 7. For a character model, that's relatively few for me.
As you can see, he's mostly beard and metal. The beard I drybrushed rather heavily. Again, that was to be consistent with my older Dwarf models. Since the beard makes up a large part of every Dwarf model, and drybrushing creates a unique look; I followed suit on this little bro.
The metal work was also a nice switch from the stuff I've been doing on the Beasts. This fella had to have clean, well-kept equipment. The metal needed to reflect that idea. Not only was the metal painted to look as clean as possible, it was also painted to give it a black line effect. That's a matter of carefully painting all the metal to leave small black lines of the underlaying black basecoat to create distinction between different sections of armor, rivets, and the like. That technique can be tedious, but it really makes the armor pop.
Many people see the bright Goblin Green base sides, and comment about how I should change it. I've considered it breifly, but decided against it. My whole Dwarf army was painted that way, back when that was a normal thing to do (roughly any time before 2002 or 2003 back to the beginning of Warhammer time). I'm going to keep that look; as a throwback to those days. Is also brightens up the model, adds a real fantasy feel, and compliments the greens I've done on the model itself.

Speaking of bases, here's the movement trays and warmachine base I finished.
There's two 1x5 trays for the Miners, three 5x2 extension trays to go on the back of my existing 5x5 regiment trays, and a base for the new war machine and crew. I use the war machine bases for trasporting them mostly, they don't really get used in the game.

That's all I have for now. Hopefully I can keep up my current motivation to get these lads finished!


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