Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bad Lands Terrain

In a concerted effort to clean up my hobby backlog I've started to tackle my pile of resin terrain. 
I've decided to start with these 3 resin Orc and Goblin pieces from Scotia Grendel.  The plan is to use them as the jumping off point to create a desolate desert table inspired by the World of Warcraft Badlands.  Think giant orange desert!

After cleaning up the resin pieces with an hobby knife and scrubbing the release agents off I laid out the pieces into logical combinations to form small encampments.  I then cut out bases in 1/4" plywood and rounded over the edge of the base for each encampment.

Using some 2" polystyrene foam I created an assortment of hills and impassable terrain.  I also created this skeleton rib cage piece using odds and ends I had lying around.

I mounted the terrain to the bases using super glue and Apoxie Sculpt.  I chose to not mount the hills and impassable terrain to keep their footprint as small as possible. 

I added chunks of cork to the bases to spice things up a bit.

I applied sand and ballast various spots on each piece of terrain to break up the texture.    

 Finally, I gave the bases a thorough covering of sand.

In the next installment I will cover priming and painting this terrain set. 


Mr Saturday said...

That's gonna be a really nice terrain set,the resin buildings are great.

retroalias said...

The buildings have a lot of character but they required a lot of clean up. Looking forward to seeing the terrain all painted up.

Unknown said...

This looks like it's shaping up to be a cool village. The models like amazing! Are these huts at all compatible for 30-35 mm human figures?

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