Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Adepticon on the horizon, WHFB, and other musings.

In no particular order...

-Adepticon is quickly approaching. For WAB, I have about 1/3 of my Medieval British done, using polyshade to speed things up so no worries on finishing.

-Looking forward to GMing "Hastings Redux" on Friday night @ Adepticon.

-Still need to start 1000 points of mid-war Germans for a FOW tournament at Adepticon, sigh

-Mark Sommer is toiling away to complete the terrain for the Hastings Redux game. Check out Baddogz Engineering for updates on the progress.

-Really enjoying not having to design homework, nice to actually have some time on weekends for a change. Miss the work and challenge a bit though. Eventually I will work on starting a freelance design business on the side, but not just yet.

-New GS job going well [position was vacant for over a year; so there is a lot of policing the battlefield yet to do].

-Played WHFB [with Johnny Hastings] for the first time in years last weekend, prepping for Da' Snotling 1000 point bash in La Crosse, WI later this month. Lots of folks from my WHFB days will be there, looking forward to it. anyhoo, played a couple of games with my old Nurgle forces [some counting as other daemonic types...]. Forgot how much I liked the game. Sounds like another project on the horizon.

Yeah, and we had a few beers too...
Thanks for looking


DeanM said...

You certainly have a lot on your plate, Michael. Good to hear your GS job is working out - as well as your freelancing. Best wishes on Adepticon. Looking forward to seeing the AAR. Best, Dean

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