Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Champion of Squid-like Demeanor.

Got a solid 29 bloodletters converted into Chthonic infantry so far. That includes command models. The standard bearer and muso are nothing special but I wanted to go to town on this guy. 

The bloodletter champ is differentiated typically with his impressive rack of horns. I considered horns on this bro, but, ultimately, decided more appendages was the way to go. 

He's got my favorite bloodletter sword, a chaos knight pauldron and the beefiest tzeentch horror arm I could find. Most of the horrors hands are actually about the same size as a bloodletters, so if you want to mix up your khorne infantry, you can sprinkle in some horror hands. 

This model seemed a bit hunched over compared to the standard bearer model I did, so I propped his ass up on some rocks.

I'm painting this fella up as this post goes live. Looking forward to trying out some more metallics with my new method. So far I've only gotten to do their sword blades.


Mr Saturday said...

Nice job, he looks great.

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