Saturday, January 19, 2013

Portable Display Board - Waaaghpaca 2013

This year’s Waaaghpaca marks my first attempt at flying to a tournament. With flying the biggest hurdle when compared to driving is that you have a lot less room for hauling stuff. One of the most awkward things to fit on an airplane is a display board and those of you that know me know how much I love my display boards. So I set out to build a collapsible display board that would fit into my carry on luggage.  With army list in hand I used CAD to lay out the units in the computer and determine the smallest board size possible. For this army I settled on 18” wide by 14” deep. Using a print out I confirmed the layout with the actual units.

I went back to the computer and created a pyramid backdrop for the board 18” wide by 7.5” high. The backdrop uses the same angles as the Great Pyramids and I decreased the height of the stones as they move up to give the illusion that they are further away. I left an empty space within the pattern to attach a name plaque. I also added ½” to the bottom of the backdrop to give something to attach to the display board with. Using a paper template I traced the pattern onto a piece of ½” extruded polystyrene.  Then using and assortment of pens and pencils I “carved” the pattern into the foam and added a few cracks and splits into the stone.

After cutting the base out of ½” extruded polystyrene I separated the base into 2 pieces so that it could be folded up. Rather than going with a straight line I chose to add a small trapezoid extending from one piece to the other. This aligns and locks the pieces in both the vertical and horizontal direction. It also serves to hide the joint by obscuring it to the eye. I attached the backdrop to the base using magnets. I buried magnets into the foam (in the backdrop and the back edge of the base) and then covered them with a thin piece of polystyrene to prevent them ripping out.

To add additional interest and make the display board easier to paint I added sand texture to the front half of the board and polystyrene cobblestone texture to the back. Using polystyrene tubes I mounted two palm trees (from Pegasus Hobbies) onto he board. They are sturdy enough to stay in place when moving the display board from table to table at the tournament but are easily removable for portability.

Using tape I hinged the two base pieces together folding downward so the painted textures would not rub on each other in transport.

I painted up the display board using Delta Ceramcoat hobby paints. For the sand areas I used a base of Golden Brown followed by dry-brushes of Spice Tan and AC Flesh. For the stone areas I used a base coat of Mudstone followed by a dry-brush of Sandstone.Here is the finished board (without the Name Plaque).

Here is the display board folded up and ready for travel. For traveling to Waaaghpaca I plan to wrap this in bubble wrap and place into my carry on suitcase.

For the 2 of you wondering, the display board fit perfectly in my suitcase!

Finally, here is a quick video showing the assembly and dis-assembly of the board.  With this first board finished my head is already spinning to what modifications I'm going to make on version 2!


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