Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ogre Champ Conversion

I've gotten a bit out of hand with the champions in my Ogre and Iron Gut units. I finished this guy today, to use as a champ in my unit of Bull Ogres with Additional Hand Weapons.
It isn't very obvious here, but he ended up being really huge next to the normal Minotaurs (Bull Ogres).

This conversion was relatively simple compared to some of the other stuff I've been working on lately. It was nice to actually start and finish something in a relatively short amount of time.
I really dig these old-school Doombull models. They're rather characterful, and pretty big.
I do have a few issues with them. One is the jaw/mouth. It's usually propped completely open, in a very distinct manner. I made an effort to close this guy's mouth as much as I could. My other major issue is that their stock pose is rather hunched over. I stood this guy up by adding putty to his waste. He's much more imposing that way! My last big complaint: they come with feet! WTF is that nonsense?! As you can see, I handled it by giving him proper hooves.
The conversion work on this guy involved using putty to add height to the waist and neck, adding a bunch of fur, repositioning the wrists, and a simple weapons swap. I didn't leave the stock weapons on him because they looked too intricate and kewl for a lowly unit champ to wield.

Here's a few pics of him next to the Iron Gut unit champ that I did up. This new guy ended up being even bigger than the Gut Champ.
You can see in these pics that I positioned him differently on the base, that helps much to make the model look unique.
You can also see that horrible open mouth pose that I mentioned above on the painted guy. The painted guy's weapon is from the Shaggoth model, for those interested.

At some point I'll post a few size comparison pics between these guys and the 'normal' Bull Ogres. It really isn't obvious here how much bigger they are.

That's it for now. Don't expect any more conversions using the old Doombull model, since I've used all the ones I had (and don't anticipate purchasing any more).

Sadly, I think this Bull Ogre work will be coming to an end shortly, as I see a few-month-long side project being necessary in the near future.


Cpjiardina said...

I like

PsychosisPC said...

Looks good. The last one that I built I actually cut that left leg away from the tabbard and resculpted it to step forward.

Michael Butcher said...

Sweet! Using these for Da' Snotling?

Johnny Hastings said...

Yeah, I'll be rocking my 'Bull Ogres' for the Snotling. Prolly won't have this guy done in time though.

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