Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Doombull Conversion Complete: Ready for Paint!

Well, I've finally gotten this fella ready for paint. The final delay was due to the custom shield. It took more effort than I had expected. I actually scrapped the first one I made, and started all over; as I wasn't completely happy with what I came up with.
I'm very pleased with the overall results. He'll fit in very nicely with the rest of the Bull Ogre character models I've done, should I decide to try out a flying (or non-flying) tyrant.

He ended up being one really beefy fella.
In the above pic, you can see the 'hair plugs' on his back. They're not completely seamless, but the paint will help hide them.
The shield is based on the Bull Centaur shields by Forge World (Warhammer Forge?). It's about 1/8 to 1/4 bigger in width and height. I wish I could've just used the Bull Centaur shield, but it looked too puny on him. The logo on the shield is based on the old Beastman icon, that GW once used. I had to move the horns down instead of up out and up to get them to fit on there.
The shield will be permanently attached after everything is painted up.

Here he is with his wings attached.
They fit in there nicely, both physically and feng shui-wise; plus they'll look completely seamless once he's all painted up.
I'm really happy with how everything came together. There was a while there when I doubted that the armor plates and weapons would go well with the changes I'd made to the model.
The little glass vial hanging from his belt was added so I could try some glass effects when I paint him up. I'm going to try to learn something new when I paint this guy, not just be frustrated at how bad it sucks to paint wings!

That's all folks...


Hayne Begley said...

Looks super sweet man, love the plugs for the removable wings and as for the glass vial I thought you already knew everything about painting!

Hope to see it at Acon in april!

Erik said...

It looks really grate! I must say that it was really smart and neat way to deal with the removable wings placement with those plugs.
I just cant wait to see it painted up!

I must ask where did you get that sword from?

Johnny Hastings said...

Thanks fellas! That sword is from the plastic Daemon Prince box set.

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